Today’s Headlines

  • 8 Washington Developer Offers Parking Concessions Ahead of Tuesday’s Supe Vote (City Insider)
  • Muni Negates Prop G Benefits in Hiring Full-Time Drivers (SF ExaminerBay Citizen)
  • SFMTA Appoints New Director of Capital Programs and Construction (Mass Transit Mag)
  • Despite Noise Laws, SF Tour Buses Still Causing Disruptions (SFGate)
  • Parking Meter Opponents ENUF Launched Website in April (SFWeekly)
  • SFBC’s Golden Wheel Awards Honors Champions, Looks Toward Future (SFBG)
  • State OKs Continued Funding for SF Redevelopment Projects (City Insider)
  • More Menlo Park Facebook Workers May Lead to More Bikes on Caltrain (Peninsula Press)
  • Trains Kill Two Pedestrians in Separate North Bay, Peninsula Incidents (CBS 5BCN via KTVU)
  • El Cerrito Woman, 93, Dies After Being Hit by Bicyclist (Mercury News)
  • Bay Bridge Lights Project Underfunded, July Deadline Looming (Atlantic Cities)
  • Late Sci-Fi Writer Ray Bradbury Was a Complete Streets Visionary (CycleliciousAtlantic Cities)

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  • voltairesmistress

    A caveat: I actually really like having the tourists in San Francisco.  They are generally happy, having a great time, open to conversation and their environment, etc., etc.  A lovely addition to most of my days.  However . . .

    Could the City please enforce noise pollution laws against the open-topped 2-person go-carts that tourists rent?  They sound like gas-driven lawnmowers gone mad.  Why not require them to be electric, or at least as quiet as a gasoline driven passenger car?  A good set of helmets wired for the audio tour sound would also help, since each time one passes by, it blares that part of the tour for everyone to hear.

  • Abe

    Many’s the time I’ve seen a map covering the windshield of one of those while the PA shouted “OK, you’re doing great!”

    I totally agree. Tourists are great, but it seems like we have plenty of companies that cater to tourists and don’t care about their impacts on SF ir it’s residents.