Today’s Headlines

  • DA Charges Bicyclist With Felony Vehicular Manslaughter for Castro Pedestrian Death (SFGateABC 7)
  • Fire Near West Oakland BART Shuts Down Transbay Service (SFGateBCN via CBS 5)
  • SFWeekly Compares Muni’s High Vehicle Failure Rate to Other Agencies
  • MTC Commissioners Split on Free Muni for Youth Funding (SF Examiner)
  • Hit-And-Run Driver Who Struck Penngrove Cyclist Charged With Felony (CBS 5Press Democrat)
  • Castro Valley Driver Strikes, Injures Teen on Scooter (CoCo Times)
  • SF Public Press: Plan Bay Area Smart Growth Initiative Lacks Ability to Enforce Goals
  • SFBG: SF Officials Should Work With State to Lower Speed Limit Requirements
  • Transit Center Study Says Development Will Raise SoMa Property Values (SF Examiner)
  • SFBC Celebrates Pride Month with Events, Classes, Parade (Bike About Town)
  • Berkeley Sit-Lie Ban Progresses to November Ballot (BerkeleysideCoCo Times)
  • Caltrans to Address Bay Bridge Safety Concerns in Live Webinar (CoCo Times)

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  • david vartanoff

    Today’s BART outage reminds me why I remain angry that the new Bay Bridge has no rail provision.

  • mikesonn

    Or a bike/ped path on the west span. I bet there would have been quite the pace line today.

  • mikesonn

    Need fully separated bike lane on EMB NOW!

    Riding north on EMB in bike lane approaching Mission. Light changes to green, Hop-on/Hop-off bus in right lane next to bike lane (still stopped since light just changed but no flashing lights). I’m 1/2 way thru passing bus and 6 year old comes flying out of the door, across the bike lane, and onto the sidewalk. I start yelling and as I pass the door, which is wide open, I see a grandma about to step out herself.

    WTF! WTF! WTF!

    My heart is still racing. The EMB is already a mess w/ double parkers and Amtrak buses that can’t pull all the way into parking lane, but now I have to worry about hop-on/hop-off buses just dropping passengers into an active traffic lane?! That driver should be fired but I was too frazzled to grab bus number. Scary!

  • Tortoise

    Or I guess the other idea is that, knowing buses disgorge people there, you could slow down?

  • Tortoise

    I’m fascinated to see there are zero comments here on the felony charges against the cyclist who killed a ped at Castro?Market. I guess it’s not news.

  • Phoca2004

     …and you hadn’t even gotten yet to the nightmare of dodgy drivers and cabs and buses that is the cruise ship terminal farther north on Embarcadero. I wonder why we are bothering trying to expand our “cycling” network when we can’t even safeguard the existing network.

  • Gneiss

    Tortoise.  It’s news.  The cyclist was probably reckless (even though he apparently had the yellow light) and he should have been charged.  I only wish car drivers were held to the same standard.  There are plenty of motorists out there who can’t be bothered to slow down for yellow lights and bomb through them at 35 mph.  It just so happens that we’re so conditioned to expect that behavior as normal that it’s not considered ‘reckless’.

  • Anonymous

    What Gneiss is trying to say is that it makes total sense that someone in a car speeding and running through a full crosswalk of people on Castro and Market would not be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

    Totally probable, right?


  • Chet

    Gneiss – I don’t think that’s fair. If a driver was blasting through multiple stop lights and stop signs at 35 MPH (while uploading GPS data so he could show-off his lawbreaking to his car racing club), that person would be universally condemned by everyone.

  • Gneiss

    Chet, Tortoise, and The_Pony.  Last year (2011) there were at least 27 traffic fatalities.  Of them, 1 was caused by a cyclist.  Why not focus your energy on the real meance on our streets rather than this one incident?  There are a lot of reckless drivers out there, but I doubt you even think about them since it’s become so normalized in our society.  Remember, the leading cause of death for people between 5 and 24 year old is car crashes.  And if you believe that’s from car drivers acting responsibly, I’ve got a bridge to sell you in the Presidio.

  • Chet – when Dr. Richard Thompson cut off 2 cyclists and then slammed on the brakes to cause them to crash into the rear end of his car to “teach them a lesson”, he had plenty of defenders amongst the bloggerati. He wasn’t just reckless or careless, he was malicious.

    In what I would consider to be a normal world, everyone would be calling for a thorough and factual investigation of these things and seeking the truth. You yourself have played a little loose with the publically known facts in your comment, which says to me that the guy going to jail is more important to you than the truth.  Look at the comments on various stories on this event and you still see people talking about how he “blasted through a red light” despite the fact the police have stated that the light was yellow.

    I don’t care what happens to Bucchere at this point, other than this. If he was in fact negligent, he should be found negligent and sentenced appropriately. If he was not negligent, then he should walk. My opinion is that we don’t have enough facts to judge yet, and even if we “did”, he still has the presumption of innocence and deserves a fair trial. So would a motorist, the worry here is that frequently motorists don’t even get a trial. We do have specific facts on the Robert Yegge case that point towards fault belonging to the driver, and I fear the driver will suffer no consequences. 

    And I seriously fear that should I be unfortunate to be in an accident while riding my bike where I am not at fault, I will be pilloried in the media and brought to trial by the DA anyway. And that sucks.

  • Chet

    murph  – you can morally equivocate as much as you want, but you know there are very few drivers that outright ignore *all* traffic signals and signs on Divis/Castro, but it is completely believable that Bucchere did so. 

    FYI- I’m a bicyclist, one who frequently pushed the line, and this entire incident has caused me to to re-evaluate my own behavior. I hope you take your own responsibilities more seriously than your internet soap operas.

  • mikesonn

    “I ride my bike ALL the time!”

  • mikesonn

    What this in response to my comment? If so, the driver had the bus in the right most car traffic lane (not in the bike lane) w/ no blinkers on and a green light showing. I was going slow because the light was red and changed to a green (maybe going 15 mph tops). The driver waited until the light changed and then allowed the passengers to “disgorge” (??) putting them at risk.

    The reason no one was hit and injured is because I am a safe cyclist. I know that goes against all your held stereo-types, but maybe you need to think about disgorging those.

  • Chet –

    That’s a nice logical fallacy. You are making the argument that Bicyclists run stop signs on Castro/Divis ergo cyclists are bad, no drivers would do so ergo drivers good.

    You are also by implication station that Bucchere ran all these stop lights ergo all cyclists do and we collectively are bad. If as you imply, running these stop lights is dangerous, and all the cyclists are doing so, why aren’t there 20-30 accidents daily? Either it’s not dangerous (less likely) or the vast majority of cyclists are safe riders.

    That would work if the only event injuring and killing people on our streets was running stop signs on Divis/Castro. But it’s not. In the past week I’ve probably had 10 incidents of driver indifference that caused me alarm and 2-3 incidents of driver aggression.

  • peternatural

    You made it sound like the only reason you didn’t hit the kid was lucky timing. Personally, if it was me passing a stopped bus on the right (i.e., the bus to my left), I would treat it as a door zone situation and slow down to a walking pace, since it’s hard to know if someone will come flying out of one of the bus doors. (I try to avoid tense situations and “WTF!?” moments 😉

    Still, your original point about the need for a separated bike path along the Embarcadero remains valid.

  • Anonymous

    “I ride my bike ALL the time!”
    Speaking of logical fallacies…”No True Scotsman” in full force there.

  • Just so everyone’s clear, The Pony was formerly Jason Mckinnon.

  • mikesonn

    Well, that makes sense. Shame that people can’t stand behind their comments.

  • Anonymous

    Still am! Just got signed in differently on Disqus…Just so you’re clear…I was not trying to hide or anything. Why would I?

  • mikesonn

    @peternatural:disqus I totally understand and I never pass a Muni bus on the right, no matter what. However, there were no flashing lights and the doors are recessed so I had no reason to believe they would unload at Mission on a green light. But yes, from now on, I will steer a wide berth of all buses. I was going slow but could/should have been going slower, but where is the driver responsibility to his/her passengers?

  • mikesonn

    Two Disqus names, one being anonymous, suggests you are. But not that it matters, you don’t really add much anonymous or not.

  • Anonymous

    Ah, just saw this…pissy little comment. Thank for listening to a dissenting opinion , O Great Arbiter of what is relevant!

    Unlike some people who have time to constantly post on every message board in a 7 x 7 radius and imagine scheming where there is none, I have a life to get along with….when I read a comment that is that hypocritical I feel the need to respond.

    You were using that logical fallacy…that’s obvious.

    Whatever you fellas are inferring about my The_Pony account is flat wrong. But go ahead and talk smack about people who disagree with you. It just makes you look like asses and less credible.

    Enjoy your echo chamber.