This Week: Geary Corridor BRT and BART’s Fleet of the Future

Learn more about the Geary Corridor Bus Rapid Transit Project at Tuesday’s SFCTA meeting or at one of several neighborhood outreach meetings the following week. You can also weigh in on bicycle access plans for BART’s “Fleet of the Future” cars at Oakland’s BPAC meeting Thursday, while the weekend gets started with the Bicycle Music Festival in Golden Gate Park.

Here are all the highlights from the Streetsblog calendar:

  • TuesdaySFCTA Plans and Programs Committee Meeting. The committee will hear about the proposed Geary Corridor BRT and revisit the Van Ness BRT proposal as well. The committee may make a recommendation on a center-running BRT configuration with right-side boarding for Van Ness. 10:30 a.m.
  • Also TuesdaySFMTA Board Meeting. On the agenda are all-way stop conversions on the Cargo Way cycletrack, crosswalk closures on Fulton Street, speed limit adjustments to 30 mph on Winston Dr and 25 mph on 8th Street, right turn pockets on 8th at Mission and Howard Streets, and parking restrictions with sidewalk widening for bulb-outs along Balboa Ave. The board will also discuss reimbursement to BART for impacts related to the Central Subway construction, and will hear a presentation on the Better Market Street project. 1 p.m.
  • More TuesdaySF Board of Supervisors Meeting. The board will revisit the controversial, parking-rich 8 Washington project and potentially make final amendments to the zoning and general plans allowing construction to move forward. 2 p.m.
  • WednesdaySPUR: Electrifying Caltrain and High-Speed Rail: What’s Next? Join representatives from Caltrain, MTC, and the Mayor’s office as they address the question: “What does electrification mean for Caltrain’s future and how will it help keep the future of high-speed rail service in the Bay Area on track?” 12:30 p.m.
  • ThursdayOakland Bicycle-Pedestrian Advisory Committee. Aaron Weinstein, BART’s Chief Communications Officer, will present an update on the Fleet of the Future project [PDF] and solicit input from the group regarding bicycle access in the new BART car design. The committee will also hear a staff report on Oakland’s proposed “super sharrow” green bikeway along 40th Street, and the city’s proposed Complete Streets ordinance. 5:30 p.m.
  • SaturdayBicycle Music Festival. Become part of the music at this “100% bicycle-powered moving music festival” by hopping on a stationary bike and juicing up the 2,000-watt PA system. The all-day event also features bike-blended smoothies, pedal-powered ice cream, art bikes, and more. 12 noon.

Keep an eye on the calendar for updated listings. Got an event we should know about? Drop us a line.


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