Today’s Headlines

  • CA Assembly Approves $4.5B HSR Bonds, Today’s Senate Vote Critical (SacBee, MercCBS 5)
  • N-Judah to Shut Down, J-Church Disrupted for Four More Weekends (City Insider)
  • Muni Lines Disrupted by Overhead Wire Problems, Suspicious Package (CBS 5)
  • Man Trips, Gets Arm Run Over by Muni Bus in Outer Richmond (SFGate)
  • Marina Times: SF Should “Learn From Davis” by Cracking Down on Bicyclists
  • Sunday Streets to Return to Dogpatch/Bayview on July 22 (Dogpatch Howler)
  • Community Beautification Projects Get Grants, Including Mission Market Plaza (SF Examiner)
  • Motorcyclist Dies in Crash on Park Presidio Motorway (BCN via SF Appeal)
  • Oakland Hit-and-Run Driver May Have Intentionally Killed Bicyclist (KTVU 2)

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  • Ted King

    $4.5M HSR Bonds s/b $4.5B HSR Bonds (per the CBS 5 link). The other two links have other numbers also in the billions.

  • Woops, my bad, thanks.

  • Anonymous

    You misrepresented the Marina Times article. Nowhere does the author suggest that Davis licenses bicycles.

  • mikesonn

    No, but still a bunch of drivel.

  • You’re right, that was a bit sloppy of me. I apologize and changed it. However, the contents of her argument are under the purview of what practices we can take from Davis, and, theoretically, other cities. But then she lops in bicycle licensing, which has been successful nowhere, and is typically not even attempted once it’s actually thought through. Check out this piece:

  • mikesonn

    Plus, I think Susan missed a couple stereotypes in her anecdotal evidence:

    ” I stepped into a crosswalk on Page Street and was nearly mowed down by a helmetless, headphone-wearing cyclist who ran a stop sign. I yelled at him about following the law and he flipped me off without even looking back as he blew through another stop sign.”

  • voltairesmistress

    I ride slowly and carefully.  Youngsters sometimes encourage me when I’m winded going up a long hill.  In other words, hardly the scary speedy cyclist stereotype.  I try always to observe everyone else’s right of way and ride as defensively as possible.  But I’m also pretty confident on two wheels, having ridden for 43 years, since the age of 7.  I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve exchanged angry words with anyone while riding over forty-three years or riding.  And yet . . . perhaps due to the recent news coverage of cyclists “blowing through stop signs”, I’ve heard pedestrians yelling at me twice in the past month. Their perceptions of danger or illegality from me completely out of touch with reality, at least as I perceive it.  I think there is a lot damage done to bicycling,  not just by a few dangerous cyclists, but by a non-riding population that tolerates all sorts of pedestrian and motorist indiscretions but goes ape over seeing a bicyclist on the street rolling through a stop sign when she has the right of way.