Today’s Headlines

  • SFPD Seeks Hit-and-Run Driver Who Injured Woman Bicycling on Masonic (SFAppealSF Weekly)
  • More on Local FTA Grants: Central Subway Not Included (SF ExaminerCity InsiderMercury News)
  • MTC Approves Funding for Bay Area Bike Share Launch (CBS 5)
  • SFBC: SFPD Should Target Enforcement at Most Dangerous Intersections
  • BART to Add Concourse-Level Screens Showing Departure and Arrival Times (SFGate)
  • Rec and Parks Approves ParkWide Bike Rental Station at Haight and Stanyan (Uppercasing)
  • Tiburon Driver Attempts to Run Over Pedestrian Because He “Didn’t Like His Jacket” (MarinIJ)
  • Santa Rosa Bicyclist Struck by Car Driver, Dooring a Possible Cause (Press Democrat)
  • SUV Driver Runs Into Watsonville House, Blames Phantom Cyclist (Santa Cruz SentinelCyclelicious)
  • Palo Alto Approves Wider Sidewalks, Plazas for California Ave. Road Diet Plan (Palo Alto Online)
  • SVBC: San Jose’s Buffered Bike Lanes Make for a Conflict-Free Ride
  • Steve Wozniak’s Road Tips: Use Your Turn Signals (Mercury News)

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  • Davistrain

    Regarding the Tiburon man trying to run over a pedestrian: Maybe he wasn’t under the influence of alcohol, but trying to smack a guy because of his taste in clothing is a strong indication of “static in the attic”.  At age 31, he “ought to know better”.  The quote attributed to Frank Zappa and/or Harlan Ellison comes to mind: “The two most plentiful
    things in the Universe are Hydrogen and Stupidity.”

  • Re: Wozniak. Who needs FOUR Priuses?

  • mikesonn

    The whole thing was a bit, um, contrived.

    Speaking of, my current bike count is N – 1. I should start shopping.

  • Guest

    You do realize that the man is one of Apple’s founders right?  To his credit, this multi-millionaire’s FAMILY is driving 4 Prii instead of 4 gas guzzlers, Ferraris, etc.

  • @aab6d03eb78119ada48b049629f44938:disqus simply because he is wealthy does not mean that I believe his family actually needs four cars. MPG-wise they may be better but disposing of the batteries they run on will pose a problem as well. That’s still 4 vehicles that are probably single occupancy a large amount of the time. 

    Also, Prii? What. the. fuck.

  • And an original Hummer, and “a beautiful Mercedes-Benz convertible” with another car or so being talked about.  (That’s not very bad for someone who probably has permanent staff.)

  • Anonymous

    Glad to see the California Ave in PA getting the road diet plan. This is desperately needed. Those businesses that keep fighting it amaze me with their anachronistic thinking that you need cars in order to have a successful business. This mindset needs to end in a city such as PA (and especially so close to a Caltrain stop where so many people walk and ride bicycles to and from), and I’m glad the PA government had the clairvoyance to see beyond the short-sighted and outdated visions for the future that some of these businesses apparently hold. Looking forward to spending more time on Cal Ave when I’m down that way.

  • Guest

    I don’t see anything anything in my post that warranted profanity.  My point was simply that someone with Wozniak’s resources could be a lot worse.

    And yes, feel free to google “Prii” and see what comes up.

  • mikesonn

    Guest, he was swearing at the fact that the multiple of Prius is Prii, not at anything you said.

    Maybe we should be thankful Woz doesn’t fly in a private jet to climate change speeches, huh?

  • kexiao