Today’s Headlines

  • With 10 Deaths So Far in 2012, SF Ped Fatalities on Pace to Surpass Last Year’s (Bay Citizen)
  • Bryant Street Streetscape Plan Approved at SFMTA Hearing (Mission Local)
  • When Do Muni Riders Have the Right to Leave a Stalled Train? (SF Weekly)
  • BART Board Has Until Aug 20 to Fill Vacant East Bay Seat (SF Examiner)
  • The Bureaucracy of Why Serving Alcohol is Illegal at Parklets (Uppercasing)
  • SFTRU Asks Transit Riders to “Rep’ Your Line”
  • USF Students Propose Education Center and Amphitheater Above Caltrain Tunnel (Grist)
  • Interactive Ad Turns Muni Shelter Into “Virtual Aquarium” (Muni Diaries)
  • San Mateo’s “Tour de Peninsula” a Fundraiser for Parks, Car-Free Events (Cyclelicious)
  • Union City to Host Transpo Sales Tax Forum (CoCo Times)

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  • mikesonn

    My “reppin’ my line” is fighting for transit only Stockton and against the waste that is the Central Subway. 
    But the SFTRU supports the CS so instead we are getting a useless subway and reduced bus service along the 30/45 lines, oh well.

  • Tiles

    Then start organizing around the transit-only Stockton cause. That’s an idea worth fighting for.

  • Henry

    FYI, the SFTRU has NOT taken a position on the Central Subway…

  • mikesonn

    That’s good to know about SFTRU, probably thinking of Rescue Muni.

    And the CS ship had already sailed by the time I got to the city 5+ years ago. And without Chinatown buy-in, it just looks like North Beach trying to tell Chinatown what to do.

  • • So the Bay Citizen story about S.F. ped fatalities lists those who did the killing: a car, a tanker, 7 anonymous
    others, and a bicyclist whose name needs to be mentioned yet again,
    because 100 mentions of his name so far aren’t enough. As for last year’s fatalities, 16 motorists who
    killed somebody last year aren’t mentioned, but the story is tagged
    with the name of the 1 bicyclist who did. Does anyone else notice a
    pattern here?

    I realize it’s news when 2 people are killed by bicyclists for the
    first time in over a generation, but this emphasis is way, way, way out
    of proportion. We’ve got a populace riled up at bicyclists while 2-3 of
    them are hospitalized by motorists every day in this city.