Today’s Headlines

  • SFMTA Looks to Simplify and Streamline the Residential Parking Permit Program (SF Examiner)
  • Better Market Street Planners Aim to Bring “a Simplicity of Place and Movement” to the Corridor (SFGate)
  • Muni’s Operator Shortage Continues to Drive “Shadow” Service Cuts (SFGate)
  • SF Examiner: “Muni Has Made Big Inroads” on Reducing Switchbacks
  • Beyond Chron: SF Civil Grand Jury, Which Blasted Muni Switchbacks, “Should be Abolished”
  • SUV Driver Critically Injured After “Losing Control,” Clipping Muni Bus on Sunnydale Ave. (SFGate)
  • BART Ridership Up for 20th Consecutive Month (CBS 5)
  • Gas Prices Soar Nationwide, SF’s Highest In California (CBS 5)
  • A Few People Rode Their Bikes to Outside Lands” This Weekend
  • As America’s Cup Approaches, SFMTA Flyer Lays Out Transportation Options (Curbed SF)
  • Wheelchair-Bound Oakland Man Critically Injured by “Vehicle” Which “Stopped and Assisted” (KTVU)
  • CHP Motorcycle Officer Kills Oakland Woman Who “Ran Into” His Path (KTVU)

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  • mikesonn
  • Guest

    What is the intent of the quoting “Ran Into” in:

    CHP Motorcycle Officer Kills Oakland Woman Who “Ran Into” His Path

    Are you implying that it was intentional?  I suppose the officer wanted to kill someone and be thrown from the motorcycle injuring themself in the process?

  • The intent is to simply show that I’m quoting from the report, but not necessarily repeating it as fact here, as the story sounds far from certain. So while it seems highly unlikely it was intentional, and yes, this woman could’ve run out in front of him, there are no accounts indicated from the woman (obviously) or other witnesses.

    Also, please use a consistent username besides “Guest,” such as your former one, “EL.” I’ve emailed you about this, but heard nothing back.

  • Jimmy

    Taxi driver runs a red light and kills a man in the crosswalk on Friday night.  Yet, we hear nothing about it until Monday morning and even then, the details are scant.

  • Anonymous

    I love how the final line of the article is “Be careful out there!”, as if that is the problem. By scapegoating the issue to the fact that people somehow aren’t being “careful”, it means we don’t have to feel guilty about the massive flaws in our urban transportation design. If only we were all just more careful (especially those pesky pedestrians and cyclists), everything would be A-okay.

  • mikesonn

    Just for thought, compare what a taxi does to Strava. How many red lights and stop signs did that driver run to deliver his/her fare as quickly as possible in order to get the next fare, etc. How is that criminally negligent but using a website to record your times vs others’ is?

  • For anyone interested, my take on Amsterdam after visiting there this summer:

    “A Tale of Five Cities–Charming, Livable Amsterdam”

    Interesting tidbit–bicyclists in Amsterdam don’t run stop signs because there are no stop signs (as far as I could tell) in Amsterdam.

  • mikesonn

    Side note: Central Subway construction began this morning in North Beach.