Today’s Headlines

  • Rampant Sidewalk Parking Goes Unenforced in Bayview (SFGate)
  • Man Critically Injured by Hit-and-Run Driver at Market and Sanchez (SF WeeklySF Examiner)
  • Muni Keeping Controversial Bus Ads, Donating Proceeds to Human Rights Group (CBS 5KQED)
  • SFMTA, Supe Mar to Host Public Meeting on New 5-Fulton Limited Line (Richmond Blog)
  • Driver Hit Motorcyclist at North Beach Central Subway Construction Site Tuesday (BCN via Appeal)
  • Senate Panel Calls for External Bay Bridge Safety Review (SF ExaminerCoCo Times)
  • SFGate Digs Up Photos of Nixon on BART in 1972
  • Fremont Pedestrian Seriously Injured by Driver in Crosswalk (The Argus)
  • BART Vendor Accused of Manipulating Stimulus Job Creation Data (Bay Citizen)
  • The Spokesman Offers Tips for Bringing Your Bike on BART
  • San Jose Leaders Highlight Campaign Against Texting and Driving (Mercury News)
  • CHP Wants Public to Report Out-Of-State Car Registration Cheats (CBS 5)

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  • Great newspaper editorial linked in Streetsblog Network today:  “How My Bike Changed My Life.”  I recommend it highly.  Here is the direct link to the editorial:

    Inside the editorial is an info graphic about the effect of car ownership on local economies. Of the $8485 car owners spend each year on car-related costs, only $1390 stays in the local economy.  $7095 flies straight out. If a city were to reduce car ownership by 15,000 cars, that would free up $127 million each year to remain in the local economy, supporting the purchase of local goods and services (which in turn support local jobs.)

  • mikesonn

    Awesome stats.

  • Fran Taylor

    That Chronicle Watch piece on sidewalk parking should have been called, “SFMTA Admits It Fails to Serve Pedestrians.” Officlals used to at least pretend they enforced sidewalk parking, which always reminded me of the old joke, “Who you going to believe, me or your lying eyes?” Now they admit they don’t. Leaving enforcement up to parking control officer discretion sets up the PCOs for a violent reaction from drivers. Leadership on this issue has been totally lacking from officialdom and the press, so naturally drivers feel entitled and take it out on the poor sap writing the ticket.

  • I asked an SFPD officer once (who was in the process of ticketing cyclists for Idaho stop violations) why I see patrol cars drive by blocked bike lanes, sidewalks, etc. They have been told not to enforce those laws because SFMTA wants the money from the citations.

    Yet SFMTA refuses to cite these violations unless they are called in!

  • mikesonn

    A lot of excuses all around for continuing to allow an extremely unsafe walking/biking environment.

  • Gneiss

    I enjoyed reading that article in the Washington Times too.  The amazing thing, is that for many people, they wouldn’t need to go ‘car free’, but just ‘car lite’.

    The article cites polling data which suggests that the primary reason why people don’t bike commute is fear of cars.  Creating good cycling infrastructure would invite more people to give bicycle commuting a try.  If more people feel safe on our roads and take up a bicycle, then the benefits we gain from reducing congestion on our public transport and roadway systems far outweigh the measely amount we are currently spending on cycling infrastructure and street space.

    Consider that there are approximately 17 million privately registered cars, but only 15 million drivers in California (see  If we could simply reduce the total down to 1 per driver, we’d get some 5 million cars off the roads.  And if we got families to reduce their ownership to 1 vehicle per family rather than 1 vehicle per adult, we’d be seeing an even more dramatic reduction in roadway congestion and parking issues, particularly in high density areas like San Francisco.

  • Gneiss
  • Basically, everyone sees it as beneath them to do these citations.

    SFMTA needs to make a mobile app that allows you to report these violations. Take a few pictures of various angles, showing the license plate and violation, and submit. That’s all DPT does. I would be happy to report each violation I see.

  • Considering they’ve not enforced this sort of thing for such a long time, I do think some sort of mailing/announcement would be in order before ticketing.  Otherwise it does just seem pretty arbitrary and feeds into the ‘and they’re just after my money’ hysteria.

  • I can’t believe they didn’t mention whether the motorcyclist wearing a helmet.

  • Anonymous

     @google-c1054b713ae4d63cc3ebaf620c20fb35:disqus  that is a great idea and one that i’ve thought about too.  are any of the fine folks that frequent this site app developers interested in taking on a pro bono project?  based on my limited computer knowledge, this seems like it would be an easy application to create.  if we started with a prototype that merely sent the photos to the sfmta via email, and people started using it, it would have to eventually get their attention. 

  • @mcva:disqus easy part is the app. Hard part is getting it to be an official thing.