Spoke Geek: Critical Brunch

From Spoke Geek:

Critical Brunch is the newly formed Spoke Geek Bicycle Club’s monthly hangover bike ride held the last Saturday of the month!

Please RSVP and share the Critical Brunch event on Facebook!

The first ever Critical Brunch is THIS Saturday with a little something for everyone. Here are the juicy deets. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to rep hardcore for life by having been at the first ever Critical Brunch!! We have a ride plan to make everyone happy!

Spandex Geeks – 8:30 AM at Sports Basement

Spandex Geeks can meet up and leave the Presidio Sports Basement at 8:30am. We’ll do a quick Hawk Hill + Headlands Loop back into the Presidio, out Arguello to GG Park, and back down to the Ferry Building to meet up with the rest of the crew.

All Geeks – 10:30-11:15 AM at Ferry Building

Saturdays the Ferry Building has their Farmer’s Market in addition to their normal merchants. Get some NOMs and coffee in and then we’ll be on our bikes around 11:15 for a leisurely no-drop ride to Ocean Beach!

All Geeks – 1:00 PM at Beach Chalet 

Just a mellow ride up Market, through the wiggle, and across Golden Gate Park to Ocean Beach! Enjoy the smell and sound of the ocean while eating and drinking responsibly at The Beach Chalet. The group will ride out together later, more bars and debauchery TBD.

Don’t forget to RSVP and share the Critical Brunch event on Facebook!


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