Today’s Headlines

  • BART Rush Hour Bike Pilot Results “Promising”, Board Report in November (Oakland North)
  • Parking-Free 1050 Valencia Project Goes to Planning Commission Today (CurbedUptown Almanac)
  • 17th and Folsom Park On Its Way to Replace Parking Lot (SF Exam)
  • SFMTA Releases New “Customer Satisfaction Survey” for Travelers of All Modes (KTVU)
  • Sunday Streets Coming to Western Addition/NoPa This Weekend (SFGate)
  • Students, Merchants Weigh In on Mission Bay Parking Meter Plan (GG Xpress)
  • Rideshare Services Filling a Gap in the Taxi Service Market (SFGate)
  • Oakland Woman Receives Murder Charge for Fatal Pedestrian Hit-and-Run (CoCo Times)
  • Oakland’s “First Friday” Street Events to Revive, Expand Road Closures (East Bay Express)
  • Palo Alto Makes $10.4M Bid for Bike/Ped Bridge and Trails Rejected by SM County (Almanac)
  • BART Turns 40 This Month, Wants Your Photos and Memorabilia (BART.govSFWeekly)
  • CEQA Abuse Continues to Stunt Safer Streets, Job Growth (NYT)

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  • mikesonn

    I rode my bike thru UCSF this morning and WOW is there at TON of parking. There are surfaces lots all over (I assume these are just lots waiting to be built on, but still) and garages ALL over the place. No bike lanes over the bridge on 4th (3rd street bridge might have a wide sidewalk, but nothing on the street portion as far as I can recall). There were some lanes on 4th, but the one other car on the road, of course the UCSF shuttle van, sped up and pulled across the lane into a parking space right in front of me.

    I really hope this isn’t the city’s future we are witnessing. You have Caltrain blocks away, the T-line running right through the middle, and another Caltrain station several more blocks for the southern end of campus. But this was built with the mindset that the 280 spur is close so people will drive so they built parking garage after parking garage. Sad really.

  • SteveS

    My advice is to avoid 3rd & 4th at all cost under the current conditions. The best bet is to take 7th/8th and 16th St. Hopefully any future Embarcadero bikeway can also be extended onto Terry Francois to keep the neighborhood connected from the North/South as well.

    One of the issues with Mission Bay is that all of the parking garages were already built to support the campus, so now there is parking for acres of empty lots that were supposed to have thousands of workers. Hopefully by the time the Giants build over their lots, the former Salesforce properties will also be under development so that the area gets transformed from surface lots to mixed use relatively quickly.

  • mikesonn

    I live in North Beach, there is zero reason I should have to detour over several SoMa blocks to access the area, but I understand your point.

    Maybe the SFMTA can put in another bike lane* that will do nothing.

    Riding home from the Mission last night, coming up Folsom, had a lady with her door wide open (all black car/door) in the bike lane while she was digging for god-knows-what. Also, traveled along side a driver for several blocks, no problems, and then he pulls ahead near Rainbow and disappears around the curve after the freeway. I come up on him a few seconds later only to find he decided to park in the bike (right next to several open parking spaces) and drop someone off.

    I’m oh so very happy the EMB lane will continue to be a drop-zone for private autos and taxis while pushing myself and others into 35-40 mph traffic. Hooray MTA!

    *more realistically: double parking lane, door zone lane

  • @mikesonn:disqus just record a video of the EMB, put it on youtube. Will probably solve your problem (in my experience).

  • justin

    Yeah, it’s pretty gross. Based on how UC walks all over the City of Berkeley, I wouldn’t be surprised if they insisted on tons of parking. 

    The 3rd Street bridge has a tiny wooden sidewalk that I’ll use if there are no pedestrians, otherwise straight down the middle of the traffic lane and then immediate left onto Illinois. You can also turn right on Channel — there is a walkway at the end that takes you under 280 and across the tracks, then you’re by CCA and can get to 17th if you’re headed that way. 

  • mikesonn

    The problem on EMB isn’t just one GOOG shuttle (or even multiple), it is a systematic error – taxis, tourists, shoppers, kiss-n-rides, deliveries, and the list goes on.

    The SFMTA, with their half-assed approached to the EMB bike lanes, has drawn a line in the sand saying that parking availability at the densest transit access point in the entire bay area is more important than the safety of people (pedestrians and cyclists alike).

    Also, SFMTA’s issuing of those stupid stickers to the taxis just multiplied the already flagrant disregard that taxi drivers continue to show everyone else on the road.

    /end rant