Today’s Headlines

  • Muni Fare Citations Up, Evasion Down, With New Enforcement Strategy (SF Exam)
  • Muni’s Fleet Communications Could Be Streamlined With New iPad App (SFGate)
  • Warriors Arena Planners Concerned About Traffic Snarls During Giants Games (SF Exam)
  • SF Examiner Editorial: 200 New Taxi Cabs Approved by SFMTA Will Help Locals and Tourists
  • GG Transit Could Cut 25 Percent of Service, Lay Off 30 Employees With New Contract (Marin IJ)
  • Saturday: Support Ped Advocacy and Stroll the City on Walk SF’s Peak2Peak Walk (GJEL)
  • Powell Street Parklet Wins International Landscape Architecture Award (City Insider)
  • Concord Teen Who Ran Over Family to Change Plea to Guilty (KTVU)
  • Woman Killed, One Injured in Walnut Creek by Pickup Truck Driver (KRON, KTVU)
  • Antioch Man Seriously Injured by Driver (Mercury)
  • KRON‘s Stanley Roberts Catches Driving Parents Behaving Badly at Pleasanton School
  • State Bill Exempting Bike Lanes From CEQA Supported by AAA, Opposed by Transit Union (Planetizen)

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  • Joel

    I found this article interesting:

    The northward migration of tech companies is further proof that good land-use and transportation policies (as well as cultural vibrancy) translate into success for cities like SF. Now if only local politics wouldn’t hamper smart development…

  • (Planetizen) link at the end is to the KRON story the line above.  (delete me)

  • The “Powell Street Promenade” is definitely one of the most striking parklets around. However, at least the times I’ve been by, it’s seemed pretty underutilized relative to other parklets around the city. I don’t know whether that’s something about the design (the metal is pretty, but a little stark; also, the seating isn’t movable, which we’re learning can be an important part of successful public pages) or the relationship with the surrounding uses (where a cafe takes ownership of a parklet is when it seems most successful). Regardless, it’s nice just to have a little breathing room on that stretch of Powell.

  • Anonymous

    Powell St is simply too busy for you sit and relax on, unlike many of the other parklets and plazas around the city. The promenade is an improvement to what was there before, but really this project should have been a simple sidewalk extension, with loading spots on the sidewalk for businesses that really need them.

  • Anonymous

    I think it’s the design (as you noted), not the location. It’s just not inviting at all. The seating doesn’t look like seating, the “table” doesn’t look like a table, and it’s all done in shiny metal that looks cold and sharp. The original conceptual drawings were much more inviting.