Today’s Headlines

  • Pedestrian Critically Injured by Driver at Sunset and Irving (SFAppeal)
  • Coverage of Yesterday’s Walk to School Day (SFExamPressDemoMarinIJSacBee)
  • Biking, Transit Best Ways to Get Around SF This Busy Weekend (SFBCCyclelicious)
  • SFTRU Releases Geary BRT Survey Results
  • Supes Say Tow Site Lease a Bad Deal for SFMTA (SFExam)
  • SFBC Offers a Few Tips From Its New Family Biking Guide (SFGate)
  • San Rafael Pedestrian Injured by Driver in Chain Reaction, Hit-and-Run Crash (MarinIJ)
  • Berkeley Preps for Spate of Bike Infrastructure, Policy Updates in 2013 (EBBC)
  • South SF Planners to Consider Updates to Pedestrian Master Plan, Climate Action Plan (Patch)
  • Internal Squabbles Block AirBART Clipper Card Integration (SFGate)
  • Future Uncertain for Antioch Ferry Project (CoCo Times)
  • More on Alameda County’s Transpo Tax Measure B1 (CoCo Times)
  • Santa Cruz County Releases Promo Video for Fall Bike to Work Day (Cyclelicious)
  • Sacramento Filling Downtown Bikeway Gaps With Road Diets, Bike Lanes (SacBee)

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  • mikesonn

    AirBART: the Clipper fix? OAC’s $500 million!

  • guest

    AC Transit should start running  a competing shuttle.  The MTC, BART, Port officials who allowed this stupidity should be fired,  and be banned from public employment for a decade.  

  • Ted King

    1) To those who thought the OAC boondoggle was dead, the mules at BART want to keep going off that fiscal cliff.
    2) To BART’s legal counsel – you should explain to the BART board how pursuing the OAC project as planned could be considered a progression from misfeasance (legal act with bad consequences) to malfeasance (illegal act – e.g. gross fiscal irresponsibility).

    Terms :
    Misfeasance –
    Malfeasance –

  • mikesonn

    I recently flew out of OAK, the OAC is well on the way to being built.

  • Richard Mlynarik

    Steve Heminger, the inexplicably unindicted MTC Executive Director For Life, the sleazeball responsible for the $5 billion over “budget” Bay Bridge East Span, chief enabler of BART to the SJ Flea Market, the Muni Central Subway, the Caldecott Tunnel, High Speed rail to Los Banos, Clipper(tm)(sm)(c)(c), FasTrak(tm), freeway widenings everywhere you look, and, of couse, the Oakland Airport Connector, is the “person” you’re after.

    You know, the guy who just spend $170 million of state bridge toll money — his personal BATA-laundered piggy bank, which he uses as he chooses to reward and punish per his whims — on making some real estate flippers in San Francisco rich.

    Good luck.

    The question is not why anybody in any way even remotely connected with the Oakland Airport Connector has public employment.  The question is why they’re not in jail.

  • Joel

    SF Planning released a map of the proposed “Green Connections” network:

  • “Strapped Europeans Swap Cars for Bikes”

    “For the first time since World War II, sales of bicycles surpassed those of cars in Italy . . . A little more than 10% of Italians now rely on pedal power to get to school or work, while more than one in six use their bikes to get around other times, such as on weekends . . . Greeks are also turning from cars to bicycles as the country struggles to adapt to austerity measures and unemployment that has risen above 55% among people under 25. The number of cars being driven plummeted by 40%, while bike sales have risen about 25%.”

  • A lot going on today:

    “California Gas Prices Spike 8 Cents a Gallon Overnight”

    “Other San Francisco motorists have been taking the recent price spikes mostly in stride, but now that gas is closing in on $5 a gallon, some are considering changing their transportation habits. ‘I might actually park my car for a while and start biking,’ said Sam Hewitt, 25, who was filling his sedan with $4.99-a-gallon premium.”