Today’s Headlines

  • Opponents Introduce Ballot Initiative to Kill the Central Subway (SF Exam)
  • Berkeley’s First Sunday Streets Kicks Off on Shattuck Ave. This Weekend (Berkeleyside)
  • SF Ranked Second-Most Congested City in US After LA (ABC 7)
  • Caltrans to Fund Green Bike Lane on San Mateo’s Alpine Road at Hwy 280 Overpass (Almanac)
  • In Case You Haven’t Noticed: Sidewalk Parking Tolerated by SFMTA, Despite Being Illegal (SF Weekly)
  • Board of Supervisors to Decide On Approving SFMTA’s Fumbled Land Deal Tuesday (SFExam)
  • Ray LaHood, Nancy Pelosi in Town for Yesterday’s Central Subway Grant Announcement (CBS 5)
  • Mountain View Police Crack Down on Speeding Drivers on California Ave. After Ped Deaths (CBS 5)
  • CA’s High Gas Prices Drop Slowly (SacBee), But There’s No Easy Fix For Them (Merc)
  • BART Quietly Closes, Reopens Bids on Contested Millbrae Development Project (Bay Citizen)
  • SFGate Spotlights Use of Cargo Bikes for Everyday Transportation in the Bay Area
  • Planning, Park/Rec Commissions Change Shadow Restrictions to Permit Transbay Tower (City Insider)
  • A Look At BART’s Game Day Ridership (UC Berkeley)
  • SPUR Discusses Park(ing) Day, SF’s Legacy of “Iterative Placemaking”
  • Planning Dept. to Hold Community Meeting on Haight-Ashbury Street Improvements (Uppercasing)

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  • mikesonn

    Riding down 24th this morning (east from Folsom) at 6:15, the south side of the street was getting swept while the north side was a line of double parked cars w/ flashers on.

  • HoJo

    The purpose of street cleaning is to clean the streets and not to collect revenue for the general fund. I assume that is why traffic cops are told to show leeway to those who temporarily move their vehicles to allow the cleaning trucks through.

    You’ve probably also noticed that cars may be parked right behind the truck even if there is still an hour left of the “no parking” window. Again, the idea is to clean the streets, not clean out the pockets of every resident of that block.

  • Cleaning the streets should not come at the cost of a safety hazard.

  • HoJo

    Do we have stats for the number of accidents caused by vehicles parked technically “illegally” solely as a result of street cleaning? Cars on the sidewalk can be inconvenient but generally aren’t dangerous – they aren’t moving after all. While if you have to double-park a car, then 6:15 am on a wide road would be the best way to do it.

    The problem with street cleaning is that it typically takes away up to 50% of the parking in a given area for the duration. That’s places abnormal stress on the available space, which is why I believe that DPT give a “pass” to the type of “creative” parking that would at any other time get you a ticket.

    The alternative is large numbers of vehicle endlessly circling a few blocks in a desparate competition for legal parking, and that might be just as dangerous. Sometimes a little slack is appropriate.

  • Timothy Mallon

    Bush between Montgomery and Sansome. Every afternoon, delivery vans and sometimes cars parked on the north sidewalk.

    The sidewalk is very broad, the vehicles fit easily, and there is even room for walkers to skirt them. However, my understanding is that sidewalks aren’t made to support that kind of weight – over time they’ll get cracked by it

    As for cargo bikes, I’ve seen them in use by couriers. Some of them also seem to be carrying bigger bags and loads on their backs these days.

  • mikesonn

    So forcing someone to walk on the street, but doesn’t result in an accident but puts them in harms way, doesn’t count for anything? But heaven forbid we put a ticket on a car because the driver can’t follow simple rules?

    Again, parking on the sidewalk isn’t just a simple inconvenience. For someone who claims to walk a lot, I’m surprised you don’t run into this more.

  • HoJo

    Mike, you’re correct, and it irks me not a little when I have to amble into the gutter because of a vehicle on the sidewalk. That problem is compounded if you have a stroller or are in a wheelchair.

    At the same time, you can’t squeeze a quart into a pint pot and street cleaning imposes special but very short-twrm stresses on road space. There is no ideal solution so the question remains this – should DPT be zealously ticketing people when they know that parking availability is very difficult? Or should they be showing some leniency, tolerance and moderation?

    Clearly they are showing the latter approach. Do you believe that doesn’t have majority support? Or do you think the people want to see zero tolerance?

  • mikesonn

    Does majority support even matter? I bet a majority of people would love to speed down 101 (most do anyway). I’m sure a majority of the west side of San Francisco would love a freeway right to their downtown office with free parking. Let’s toss in daily donuts as well, just to show how absurd this is.

  • HoJo – 24th Street is not a wide road. It is narrow, and very congested. At 6:15 AM it is carrying passengers on the 48 bus to Caltrain and BART, for whom a small delay could result in a major delay, and double parked cars on 24th can make it impossible to pass.

  • It seems to me that if you are paying $0-$104/year for a parking spot that, if privatized, would cost upwards of $100/month that asking you to move every 7-14 days according to a fixed schedule is really not asking that much at all. If you find this requirement so objectionable that your only alternative is to endanger pedestrians then perhaps you should rethink your need to own a car. Alternatively, pay for a private parking spot / garage space where you are not inconvenienced by the public good that is street cleaning.

  • Fran Taylor

    The most egregious and frequent sidewalk blocking takes place in front of a garage door when the car is perpendicular, not parallel, to the curb, so spare me the crocodile tears about poor drivers who have nowhere else to park. The driver who already has a private space somehow feels entitled to obstruct public space as well, spouting nonsense about “my driveway.”

  • mikesonn