Today’s Headlines

  • Muni Ridership Up Over 200 Percent for World Series Games (CityInsider)
  • More on Supe Avalos’ Proposed Permits, Fees for Private Shuttles Using Muni Stops (SFGate)
  • SFExam: Free Muni for Youth Plan is Best Use of One-Time MTC Funds
  • SFPD Officers Allegedly Beat, Jail Well-Known Cyclist for Attempting to Observe Arrest (Uptown Almanac)
  • Bay Bridge Construction Reaches Final Major Milestone (CBS)
  • Redwood City’s Farm Hill Blvd. Road Diet Gets Mixed Response at Council Meeting (PeninsulaTranspo)
  • Concord Bringing Free Shuttle Back to Monument Corridor After 3-Year Hiatus (CoCoTimes)
  • Oakland’s 5-Minute Parking Meter Grace Period Policy May Go Permanent (CoCoTimes)
  • New Bike/Ped Undercrossing of I-580 Links Dublin and Pleasanton (CoCoTimes)
  • Roadshow: Metering Lights to Help Smooth Congestion on I-80, I-280
  • Megabus Testing Return of Service Between SF to LA (Cyclelicious)

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  • Although I’m glad so many people took Muni to the first two World Series games (and think there should be almost no congestion-inducing parking near ATT park in general) I wonder if more people realized that it’s only a mile (a twenty-minute walk) from the Montgomery BART station to the ballpark, they wouldn’t walk instead.  Actual Muni travel time from the ballpark to BART is, if all goes well, 10 minutes. Combine that with walking and waiting time, and I would bet walking that mile is faster after a game than taking Muni 99% of the time. (Not to mention the walking is better for you and will help metabolize the alcohol consumed while at the ballpark.)  Seems like 2nd st could have a lane shut down and protected to become the pedestrian stroll of choice. Also Townsend should have extra pedestrian walking space for people walking to Caltrain.

  • Hojo

    Karen, surely the real problem is that all streetcar lines currently parallel each other, rather than form a network. It’s all east-west, with no north-south.

    Should I therefore assume that you support the Central Subway which will, of course, address this deficiency?

  • Steven Toast

    Lol @Hojo. Or, you know, you could take a bus that has a dedicate transit lane on 3rd Street, as is already the case. But then what would we do with our $1B in federal money???

  • mikesonn

    Hojo, I look forward to you taking that Central Subway. You’ll have plenty of room since no one else will be riding it.

    As for the 3rd Street dedicated transit lane, I pray for a day it is actually enforced.

  • Hojo,
    Caltrain/high speed rail needs to end at/near Market Street so there aren’t the last mile connectivity issues for tens of thousands of daily commuters and hundreds of thousands of people in the future desiring to take high speed rail. The Central Subway should be cancelled immediately if for no other reason than it may someday make weak-kneed politicians think they don’t actually need to get Caltrain and high speed rail all the way to the Transbay terminal.

    Since the Central Subway goes up 4th street, it will have most of the same problems as the current Muni K and N lines–it will be a 7 minute walk to get there, it will require a wait probably of 5 – 20 minutes to get a on a train, and then at least a five minute ride to to Powell Station. Walking will still be faster, more energy efficient, better for people’s health, and a better way to deal with capacity issues  around special events.

    I am actually a fan of moving massive numbers of people below ground with electrically powered light rail. It is quicker and far pleasanter than buses, and so the best way to lure people out of their cars.  It is good for the environment and  leaves the surface available for and amenable to activities associated with healthy economies and vibrant communities. Much of Europe can be thankful that their ancestors in the 19th and early 20th centuries spent decades tunneling so that they can enjoy the fruits of that labor today. Vienna has an absolutely fabulous underground system that moves monstrous numbers of people swiftly, frequently, and pleasantly. (I never waited more than 3 minutes for a train there in any direction, no matter the time of day.)

    But the problem for us is that when we tunneled Market Street for Muni and Bart, no thought was given to any subway line ever crossing those lines. Now, to get across those two lines we have to go exceptionally deep. The result is stations that take an enormous amount of time to descend into and get out of, and incredibly poor connectivity to the existing Market Street Muni and BART stations.  I actually would support Central Subway if the southern section terminated at the TransBay terminal and the northern section terminated just north of Market at Powell. It’s far more important to get people to BART and the Transbay terminal effectively than to transport people from Chinatown to MIssion Bay without a transfer. But we’ve prioritized the latter and sacrificed the former.

    So because the Central Subway has been so poorly designed with the wrong priorities taking precedence, and, in fact, because it will be a net drain on Muni operational expenses, I think Muni, our city, and even the nation (because the federal government will be footing a large part of the bill) would be better off reconsidering the design of the Central Subway and getting more functionality for the enormous amount of money being spent.

  • Iskandr

    @HoJo  The point was/is dealing with crowds now.  In 2020 or whenever the Central Subway with the misdesigned transfer station st Union Square and undersized platforms, opens, we can see how well it works.  Meanwhile, I am curious how Muni which most days has NO spare LRVs was able to deploy 8 trains.  Which regular commuters were stiffed??

  • Guest

    Speedy recovery, Chuy.

  • Anonymous

    Folks can contribute to his medical/legal fund here:

  • Hojo

    Steven, like you say, if the NIBMY’s had prevented CS then that billion in outside money would have gone elsewhere. CS is getting built so let’s just get behind it – in 50 years time nobody will question it any more than they question BART or the existing streetcar lines now.

  • Peter M

     The 21 Hayes stops that are being removed as part of the Fell/Oak bikeways project are going to be removed on November 9th:

  • mikesonn

    Hey everybody, they are giving us money for a transit project!!! Let’s support it or else they might just give it to more highway lanes! I know it sucks, but take it on the chin and in 2-3 generations it’ll be appreciated!!

    Hooray, transit that no one will use!


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