Today’s Headlines

  • Transit Tower Land Purchase to Fund HSR, Caltrain Extensions (SFExam)
  • Muni Buses Trashed, Burned During World Series Celebration (MuniDiaries)
  • GG Bridge Moveable Median Barrier Design Approved (SFExam)
  • Atlantic Cities: Transit Riders Union Provides Counterpoint to SF Car Culture
  • Supes to Decide on Signage Rules for New Privately-Owned Public Spaces (SFGate)
  • Car Driver Crashes Into Marina District Safeway, Injuring One (SFExam)
  • Two Sonoma Boys Struck, Injured by Elderly Driver in Crosswalk (PressDemoKTVU)
  • Elderly Pedestrian Killed by SUV Driver in San Jose’s Japantown (Mercury News)
  • SFGate: D3, D7, and D5 BART Board Seats Hotly Contested
  • Dutch Planners Bring Experience, Inspiration to San Jose ThinkBike Workshop (SVBC)
  • MTC Profiles Bay Area Founder of BikeLink Secure Bike Lockers

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  • Peter M

    Anyone know what happened on the Panhandle bike path yesterday afternoon? There were several emergency vehicles parked there and a couple news trucks nearby. It looked like a branch might have fallen off of one of the trees near the path.

  • mikesonn

    Giants fans burned a Muni bus at the cost of about $1 million.

  • “Signage”: is that the same as “signs”?

  • mikesonn
  • Also, public transit in the Bay Area will be massively screwed on Wednesday, for the Giants parade. I remember it in 2010, Caltrain was the worst I have ever seen it. 

  • mikesonn

    Bay Bridge twitter feed defends drunk driving (which hung over driving pretty much is)?

  • Anonymous

    Public transit is screwed by the Pride Celebration or Bay to Breakers or any number of civic events that block off streets.. Do you think San Francisco would be a better place without them?

  • Anonymous

    “Nagging”: is that the same as “criticism”?

  • mikesonn

    Both of those events are on Saturdays, fyi.

    But yeah, she is just pointing out that Caltrain (in both directions) will be a mess. Nothing wrong with making a note of that.