San Franciscans Want to Link Parks With Safer Intersections, Living Streets

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Bringing safe bike infrastructure and shared, pedestrian-priority streets to San Francisco are just a couple of popular ideas among users on, a city-sponsored website which features a platform for residents to provide input on the Planning Department’s “Green Connections” project.

Planners are fielding ideas from the Green Connections section of the website to help shape the developing plan for a citywide network of park-to-park routes, asking questions like, “How can we make it easier and safer to walk or bike to parks?” The most popular answers to that question are, “Safer intersections the Dutch way,” traffic calminggreening and landscaping, and “WOONERFS! Paseos! Living Streets!

Any visitor can “like” an idea or suggest their own — the Planning Department is listening. “This is a 20-year long project, and in order to better connect individuals and their families to enjoy natural areas and public amenities in their community, it’s important that we hear what residents really want in their neighborhoods,” said Planning Department Director John Rahaim in a statement.

Seen any other successful ideas you’d like to see adapted from other cities? Got new, imaginative ideas for streetscapes of your own? Head over and share them with the city.

  • mikesonn

    Suggestion: Reduce Fell from 4 lanes to 3 along side the panhandle and add a parking protected bike lane.

  • Meta

    SF needs to imitate Chicago, asap! It takes too long to get cycle lanes laid out around here. Why does it take so long?

  • neilinthegarden

    We in St. Mary’s Park have lobbied and begged those people for some effective traffic calming measures at the intersection of Murray and Genebern.  It has effectively become an off-ramp for 280 South even though these residential streets are not much more than one lane wide.  Last year alone two pedestrians were struck by cars and carried off to the hospital at this out-of-control corner.  But the traffic calming department has essentially and repeatedly told us to go frack ourselves.

  • Brian

    The entrance to Golden Gate Park at the end of Haight Street (at Stanyan) was designed to be a major pedestrian entrance.  We need to reclaim it.


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