Today’s Headlines

  • Deal Reached To Bring Up Central Subway Machinery at Pagoda Theatre Site (SF Exam)
  • At King and Third, Where Diana Sullivan Was Killed, Bike Riders Are “at the Mercy of Cars” (SFGate)
  • Supervisor Mark Farrell Calls Hearing to Scrutinize SFMTA’s Parking Meter Expansions (CBS)
  • BART Fare Increases, Parking Hikes on Agenda at Today’s Board Meeting (SF Exam)
  • Supes Question SFMTA’s Costly Deal With Japantown Parking Garage (SF Exam)
  • New SF Headquarters for Regional Transpo Agencies Will Cost $48m More Than Expected (CoCo)
  • Launch of Electric Taxi Network On Hold (SF Exam)
  • Bay Area Toll Authority Approves $5.6 Million for Bay Bridge Celebration (CoCo Times)
  • Ride All of SF: Man Strives to Ride Every Single Street in the City
  • Bay Area Red Light Camera Contractor Investigated for Corruption (ABC)
  • Environmental Activist Tree-Sits to Block Highway 101 Expansion in Willits (East Bay Express)
  • Stanley Roberts Examines The Legality of Lane Splitting by Motorcycles

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  • The Diana Sullivan story once again showcases a scenario where the agency in command doesn’t understand the use case of their product. The sharrow is put to the right of the lane because someone thinks the bikes can fit over there. The whole point of a sharrow is that the lane is too narrow for bikes and cars to fit next to each other.

  • mikesonn

    Parking: more studies. Then more studies. Wait. More studies. Maybe we can just push this off until cars aren’t even being used anymore so we don’t have to pay to park. More Studies.

  • I get mail. Call to arms! What is this plan to remove parking on Masonic??

    Citizen Nopa from NOPA Adjunct said:Stop the SFMTA from taking away ALL parking along Masonic Avenue -170 parking spaces will be eliminated and the rush hour traffic lane will also be taken away. The San Francisco Municipal Transit Association Board (SFMTA) voted in September to eliminate all parking on Masonic to allow for bike lanes on both sides of the street. We need to send a loud and clear message to the SFMTA Board of Directors and our District Supervisors that we do not want this project to move forward. We need to pursue alternate plans that will make the needed improvements but not eliminate all parking along the street. An alternative and “safer” biking route is to use Baker Street to Turk to Nido / Anza Vista. Let City Hall know you live in the neighborhood, will be negatively impacted by this decision demand they stop the plan to eliminate the removal of all parking and eliminate a rush hour traffic lane. Call and email Mike Sallaberry who is the Project lead for SF Livable Streets, and let him know you want this project stopped and re-opened for proper community input. (415) 701-4563 / Also CC the entire Board of Directors for the SFMTA District Supervisors and mayor Ed lee Mayor Ed Lee District 1 Eric District 5 London Breed District 2 Mark Farrell   And cc As the Masonic Corridor Neighborhood Association (MCNA) we need to act quickly, gather as much support as possible and state our opposition in writing. We need to demonstrate that the majority of neighborhood residents are not in favor of this plan going forward. We approve of the city creating bike lanes but not at the expense of bringing hardship to the residents and businesses in the area. The “Fix Masonic” proposal is a very one-sided plan of action, and not considerate of the impact on all who live, park and drive in the neighborhood. It also is a bad plan given that Geary & Masonic will soon house a Target store. Traffic and parking demand will only increase as a result of this big box retailer coming to the neighborhood.

  • ubringliten

    Thanks for the link.  I think Diana’s family should sue the city.  Maybe then we could see some improvement.

  • Richard Mlynarik

    New MTC headquarters will cost $30 million more than executive staff promised.

    Shocking!  Just shocking.

    Remind me again why MTC chief-for-life Steve “$5 billion Bay Bridge cost overrun” Heminger isn’t serving jail time, will you?

    Oh that’s right.  Because if you can get away with $5 billion, you’re clearly free for life to do whatever you like with all state toll bridge funds and all regional transportation earmarks.  Billions for BART to the San Jose Flea Market?  Need a freeway interchange? You’re a military contractor who’d like to run a transit ticketing scam?  You’ve got some dodgy SF real estate you’d like to quickly flip?  You’ve come to the right place?

    Party on, inexplicably-as-yet-indicted MTC executives!  Woo hoo!

  • mikesonn
  • mikesonn