Polk St Phone Banking

From SF Bike Coalition:

Help us call members who bike on Polk Street and live in the area, encouraging them to attend upcoming SFMTA meetings about safer biking on Polk Street. We’ll give you a script and talking points about the Polk Street campaign. SFMTA plans for safe and continuous bikeways on Polk Street are in jeopardy and these calls will ensure our members turn out for important upcoming meetings.

Dinner provided. RSVP to jenn@sfbike.org


Parking-First “Save Polk Street” Crowd Attacks Van Ness BRT

“Save Polk Street” has aimed its parking-first agenda at Van Ness Bus Rapid Transit. A couple dozen speakers protested the project an SFMTA hearing last week, distributing fearmongering flyers [PDF] claiming that removing some parking and banning left turns would “kill small businesses,” back up car traffic, and make the street more dangerous. The long-delayed Van Ness […]

SFMTA Board Wants the Option of a Full-Length Bike Lane on Polk

As the vote on the Polk Street redesign approaches in the coming months, the SFMTA Board of Directors last week requested that planners present the board with a pilot project option for bolder bike safety improvements along the length of the project area. Currently, the SFMTA’s preferred option calls only for sharrows and rush-hour parking bans on […]