Separated Bike-Ped Path Coming to Mansell Street in McLaren Park by 2016

Images: Rec and Parks

Mansell Street, which runs through McLaren Park, is poised to get a two-way bikeway and a walking and jogging path separated from motor traffic under a plan approved by the Recreation and Parks Commission last week.

Mansell is a wide roadway with no dedicated space for walking and biking, and its four traffic lanes are split down the middle by a planted median. Under the new plan, which is combined with a road re-paving, one side of that median will be car-free. On the other side, motor traffic, including Muni’s 29-Sunset line, would run in one lane in each direction.

The project, set to begin construction in summer 2015 and be completed in 2016, should provide a much more inviting connection to walk and bike across McLaren Park, San Francisco’s second-largest city-owned park, which sits between the Visitacion Valley and Excelsior neighborhoods.

The chosen design was favored by the vast majority of attendees at two community meetings, beating out an alternative that would have retained one traffic lane on each side of the median, along with buffered bike lanes separated from cars with stripes only, according to a department presentation [PDF]. Rec and Parks is hoping to fund the project using up to $6.1 million from Prop AA vehicle registration fee revenue and the regional One Bay Area Grant.

Mansell today.

See an overview of the route after the jump.

  • Sprague

    What a great use of a needlessly wide roadway and a good way to discourage speeding! Thanks for covering this, Aaron.

  • Ah, that looks good! I assume the project will include a crosswalk or similar improvement where Mansell intersects with the new Philosopher’s Way trail ( That’s a great path, but right now you have to scramble over a guardrail and hustle across an unmarked/uncontrolled roadway.

  • That funding source is the same one that the city is hoping to get for the Masonic Ave project.

  • foo

    Beautiful! Hope to walk and bike it in my lifetime.

  • Anonymous

    Now this, I like. Much better than the design on JFK.

    Mansell is two 30 foot wide roadways, while JFK is a single 50 foot wide road, so there’s a bit less room. But you don’t need any space for pedestrians on JFK, as the sidepaths already exist. A 30 foot wide auto area on one side, a 14 foot wide 2-way bike lane on the other, and an ~6 foot wide median separating the two, would be great.

    But let’s see it built on Mansell first, and get some reviews in.

  • Easy

    Not sure why there are bollards dividing the ped/bike paths on Brazil and Mansell.

  • Alberto

    Can we do this on Dolores, please?

  • Sprague

    That’s a beautiful idea (especially along the less hilly northern section of the street). Existing garages could be accessed by motor vehicles travelling at walking speeds (as is the case with “Wohnstrassen” in some German language countries).


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