Today’s Headlines

  • Planning Department Unveils Final Plan for Castro Streetscape Improvements (BAR)
  • SFMTA to Designate Hundreds of On-Street Parking Spaces for Car-Share Citywide (SF Examiner)
  • SFBG Discusses Restructuring SF for Sustainable Transport in the Context of the Book “Street Fight”
  • SFMTA Drills Down on Unallowable Consultant Expenses for Central Subway (WSJ)
  • Parking Lot-to-Park Deal Under Central Freeway Passes Supes Committee (SF Examiner)
  • BART Begins Heated Negotiations With Labor Unions (SF Examiner)
  • NTSB Proposal to Lower BAC Limit Sees Little Support in California (SF Chronicle)
  • Man Reportedly Walking on Tracks in San Lorenzo Killed by Amtrak Train (KTVU)
  • DUI Driver Who Killed Girlfriend and Her Son in Berkeley Faces 12 Years in Prison (KTVU)
  • Road Rage in Fremont: Driver Stabs Other Driver in Neck With Screwdriver at Gas Station (SFGate)
  • Environmental Protestors Block Construction on Willits Highway Bypass (SFBG)

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  • mikesonn
  • Anonymous

    but, but, TURBOCHARGE!

  • mikesonn

    – huge southern facing glass facade w/ no shade (how is this green? short of being a greenhouse that will need to be cooled w/ obscene amounts of AC)

    -more foot traffic? Where will the foot traffic go? The sidewalks are already filled to the brim. Will we get sidewalk extensions into the unneeded parking lane?

    -This probably has to do with Central Subway construction for the next 5-7 years but the city has to make it sound like Apple wants to “revitalize” an area that is the most vibrant shopping district on the west coast.

  • Anonymous

    If I was on the board to approve this I would require redwoods in front to properly shade it: air conditioning issue solved.

    The foot traffic should make the case to shut down that whole area to cars (except delivery, disabled, emergency vehicles). But yeah, remove the parking and make Apple pay for the sidewalk extensions.

    I love the term revitalize used for Union Square, hopefully a flagship Apple store will help bring sorely needed foot traffic and customers to Saks 5th Ave and Tiffany’s on the same block or maybe we could kickstart a fundraiser for all 3.

  • I know this wasn’t super serious, but …

    If there is no room on the sidewalk for pedestrians – how are you going to plant redwoods! The redwood growing through my back deck is 6 feet in diameter and it’s a baby. Then the root system can’t do anything because it’s bumped against asphalt and whatever, so when the wind comes, the tree falls over and takes out the Apple store.

    The only way to pull it off would be to rip out the street completely and put the redwoods in right in the middle of where the street used to be. Not a bad idea in my opinion – but are redwoods really native to SF proper?

  • Anonymous

    Oh, yeah, redwoods don’t really work with our current sidewalk configuration, but I do think there’d be room to put in a few if they set the building back a bit. The model I’m thinking is the redwood forest by the transamerica building, a much smaller footprint than the building itself, but big enough to support around 20 trees.

    As to their nativity, I’m not sure. I’m not a super conservative naturalist who thinks that only the most absolutely native must be grown here, but they grow native within 20 miles of here (Marin, Oakland) so it’s not THAT much of a stretch to grow them in SF proper.

  • 94103er

    They aren’t native to here per se–this has always been a sandy coastal sage scrubby area. But sure, ‘native’ sometimes means close enough as the crow flies.

    Anyway, you all are correct that they don’t work as street trees, but given a decent footprint like that Transamerica Bldg park or the Healdsburg town square you can have a nice little mini-grove of redwoods.

  • If I was on the board to approve this I would require redwoods in front to properly shade it: air conditioning issue solved.

    I’d require apple trees. That way you not only get shade, but there’s something to eat for everyone waiting in line for their iPhone 6.

  • And a lot of bird crap from the birds going after the apples….

  • Anonymous

    I would settle for a mixed-fruit grove. Fruit trees other than lemons and figs generally produce one large crop lasting only a few weeks once a year so there are some downsides to that. Maybe they could target their iphone 6 launch to coincide with the apple season. We could try and convince them to do some mixed-berries and kiwis along the side as well.

  • Anonymous

    Oh also, the redwoods do more than add shade, they help capture moisture from fog and (though I guess you’d need more to do it) lower the ambient air temperature much more than just any tree providing shade could.