Today’s Headlines

  • Monthly Muni Passes Go Up $2 on June 17 to Adjust to Inflation (CBS)
  • Parking Fines Go Up in July, Too (SFMTA via SFist)
  • C.W. Nevius Was on the Ride of Silence (SFGate)
  • New Crosswalk at Fell and Gough Streets Up for Approval at SFMTA Hearing Today (Hayeswire)
  • SPUR Reflects on the Function of Alleys as it Plans to Close Annie Alley to Cars for a Week of Events
  • SPUR’s Gabe Metcalf at Forum: Affordability Means Improving Alternatives to Car Ownership
  • Learn About Muni’s History With a New Interactive Website (HuffPo)
  • The Story of Eli Reyes, an Oakland Woman Injured by a Driver Who Grabbed Her While Biking (Chron)
  • BART Delayed by Man Jumping on Train Roofs (SFGate)
  • Moraga Issues the Most Speeding Tickets in the Bay Area (CBS)
  • NBC Covers Caltrain’s Quandary With Unstable Funding Despite High Ridership

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  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    Re: C.W. Nevius Was on the Ride of Silence

    Wow, Nevius being neutral, maybe even slightly pro-bicycle. Go figure.

    However, his article said this: “All of which is relevant in San Francisco, where bike ridership has increased 71 percent since 2006, and in the same period, collisions resulting in injuries increased 84 percent.”

    Is that correct? If true, it would imply conditions have gotten less safe for cyclists since injury rates are increasing faster than ridership rates.

  • Mr. Nevius was there for the entire ride.

    I think he was a bit ahead of us when the closest call happened. As we rode en mass up Franklin from Market to Oak there was an aggressive driver who came within a foot of a couple back wheels and pushed right after passing 1/2 the group to show…that he had some issues.

  • Turin

    I’d really like to read the story about Eli Reyes but unfortunately it is hidden behind their subscription firewall.

  • What we’re doing is including direct links from Google search results. For many, including myself, this lets readers access the story without a subscription. I don’t know why that trick doesn’t apparently work for some — I imagine it might have to do with a computer’s settings — but that’s about all we can do.