Today’s Headlines

  • Man Biking on Sidewalk Seriously Injures Woman on Market Near Stockton Street (SF Appeal, SFist)
  • Muni Riders Are Jumping Off Moving Buses (SFGateSF Examiner, KTVU)
  • Inflation-Adjusted Muni Fare Hike Goes Into Effect July 1 (SF Examiner)
  • Market Street Bike Counter Tallied 54,000 Bikes in First Month (SFGate)
  • Design Competition Launches for Taking Down 280, Re-Configuring Caltrain Route (GC)
  • SF Weekly Reminds Us That Dorothy Dugger Wasn’t the Only Transit Head to Get a Golden Parachute
  • Berkeley Could Launch a Parklet Program Soon (Berkeleyside)
  • Sac Bee Catches Caltrans Director Misrepresenting Facts About Issues With New Bay Bridge
  • San Jose Pedestrian Killed by VTA Train (CBS)
  • Woman Killed by Driver While Cycling in Pleasanton ID’d as Diana Hersevoort, 58 (CBS)
  • Man Dies After Flipping His Pickup Truck Off Highway 280 in South City (CoCo Times)

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  • mikesonn

    Most telling stat re Muni monthly…
    2009: $45
    2013: $76
    That includes a major reduction in service as well.

  • Anonymous

    Good to know those SF youth are putting those free Muni passes to good use. Now not only are we paying their fares, we’re paying for their damages too! No wonder people hate Muni.

  • Mario Tanev

    While I am in favor of tearing down 280 and I understand the potential for rail undergrounding to reconnect neighborhoods, I feel like we’re losing the last open rail right of way in the city with this proposal. It means that any expansion will be expensive (requiring more digging) and frankly underground stations are claustrophobic. Grand Central and Penn Station suck when it comes to their platforms. I know that ship has already sailed with TBT but at least we still have the open air 4th and King station and a magnificent approach into the city. How about replacing the 280 with a rail overpass that follows the current right of way with a bikeway underneath? Above ground BART really blends into the neighborhood and doesn’t divide it, unlike highways.

  • 2003: $35

    Few things have doubled in price in the past 10 years. Muni is one of them.

  • Simon

    Proof, if more were needed, that throwing money at Muni doesn’t improve it.

  • Higher ticket prices doesn’t mean Muni has more money.

  • I could be convinced that MUNI raises fares solely to provide cover for non-riders who complain about contributing taxes into the system.

  • Ted King

    Re : SFMuni Pass Price Increase

    Fare increase for monthly passes applies to all July passes and goes into effect at beginning of sales period the last week of June.

    From –

    Also, suggested edit – s/Inflated-Adjusted/Inflation-Adjusted/

  • Anonymous

    The more than doubling in cost of a monthly Muni pass in 10 years, coupled with service reductions, may well explain why average weekday ridership dropped from 736,000 in Q4 2002 to 661,000 for Q4 2012. Muni is one of the only transit agencies in America to carry fewer riders today than a decade ago.


Today’s Headlines

Drivers Injure Pedestrians at Fourth and Market (SF Appeal), Irving and Sixth Ave. (SFGate) Powell Station Shut Down After Man Killed by Muni Train (CBS) Man Killed on Van Ness Also Lost Cousin in NYC Hit-Run (SFGate); Driver Pleads Not Guilty (Appeal) Walk SF, Walk Oakland Bike Oakland Get a Spot on KQED Newsroom SFMTA Budget (SFGate): Muni […]

Today’s Headlines

Muni Passes, Parking Fines to Go Up on July 1 (SF Weekly, CBS) DPW Continues Market Street Re-Paving Between Fourth and Fremont (SFGate) A Few Notes From Janette Sadik-Khan’s Speech Last Week at the Golden Wheel Awards (SFGate) In His Final Article at the SF Examiner, Reporter Will Reisman Races Muni One Last Time Woman […]

Today’s Headlines

Bay Area Bike Share Set to Begin Expansion Into New Neighborhoods (SFGate) KTVU Dredges Up the Terrible Idea of Bicycle Taxing, Licensing Dispatch From a SF-Amsterdam Transplant on How SF Could Become a Bike Mecca (SFBG) SF Weekly Bike Columnist Questions the Accuracy of the SFMTA’s Bike Counts SFpark’s Pilot Period Over, Sensors Off (Exam); Examiner: […]

Today’s Headlines

Market and Octavia Right-Turn Enforcement Camera to be Installed in November (Examiner, SFBC) Tomorrow: SFMTA to Host Facebook Question-and-Answer Session on Polk Street Redesign Muni Bus That Ran Over and Killed Cheng Jin Lai on Bike Lacked Required Tire Guard (SF Weekly) SFPD Trying to Determine if Driver or 12-Year-Old Girl “Was at Fault for Accident” in Bayview […]

Today’s Headlines

SF Examiner: BART Escalator Upgrades Need to Be Part of Better Market Street Plan SFPD Arrests Man Who Allegedly Assaulted Muni Agent Over Carrying Bicycle Into Station (CBS 5) Cost of Burned Muni Bus Won’t Be Covered by Insurance Policy (SFGate) Muni Kicks Off 100-Year Anniversary Celebrations (SFExam) SFCTA’s “Budget Czar” Website Shows SF’s Tough […]

Today’s Headlines

Mayor Lee’s Photo Op With New Muni Buses Spoiled by Door Glitch (SFGate, SF Weekly, CBS) DPW Orders Removal of Martin Macks Parklet on Upper Haight Street (SF Examiner, ABC) Sup. Wiener’s Reform Bill for CEQA Appeals Process Heads to Full Board of Supervisors (SFGate) Beyond Chron: Supervisors Need to Break Better Market Street “Logjam” […]