Today’s Headlines

  • Bikeway Concerns Expected to “Dominate” Supes Hearing on Better Market Street Today (Chron)
  • SFMTA Installs Plastic Posts Along the Oak Street Bike Lane (Haighteration)
  • SFMTA Board to Advise Staff to “Go Big or Small” on Bicycle Strategy Tomorrow (SFBC)
  • More on the Civil Grand Jury Report on Bike Safety: Proportion of Bike Citations Has Gone Up (Chron)
  • Neighborhood Association Survey Asks for Thoughts Improving Upper Market Intersections (CB)
  • SF Weekly Bike Columnist Lists Ways to Carry Produce (No Mention of the Simple Basket?)
  • BART Delayed By Smoldering Pine Needles on Tracks South of Balboa Park (SF Appeal)
  • More on the Design of BART’s Future Train Fleet (SF Examiner)
  • In This Supposedly “Transit-First” City, Muni Operators Have to Push Cars Off the Tracks (Muni Diaries)
  • CAHSRA CEO Addresses Controversies Over Contractor Also Chosen to Build Central Subway (NBC)
  • After Spate of Pedestrian Deaths, San Mateo County Police to Crack Down on “Unsafe Driving Behavior”
  • Car-Share Pilot Among Marin Transpo Authority Proposals to Reduce Congestion (Marin IJ)

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  • justin

    I’m glad to see the gigantic intersections of upper Market getting some attention. Market west of Van Ness feels like a freeway, and speeding is rampant on the cross streets as well. That survey is mostly concerned with signs and street graphics — those that are there now are completely ignored as it is (see transit lanes and left turn restrictions on Church), since drivers know the chance of getting pulled over is minuscule.

    The problem is that the intersections are simply too big. Pedestrian crossing times have to be very long because of the distance, which means MUNI buses and streetcars can spend several minutes at every red light. Wide lanes and long, timed green lights encourage speeding by private autos.

    Reserve lanes for transit, make wide, dedicated bikeways, and widen sidewalks to reduce crossing distances.

  • Richard Mlynarik

    Large controlled roundabouts, with the F tracks through the middle.

    (They would be a great place for train stops also except for SF’s antediluvian high-floor streetcar insanity.)

  • Mario Tanev

    There are two street grids crossing, which is also part of the problem. One way to fix it would be to close some streets, such as 14th, 15th and so on so that they can’t cross Market.

  • Anonymous

    Land Use & Development Committee meeting was rescheduled for 9 AM this morning. Advocates looking to speak about that would have had to have gotten up a bit earlier than usual. 😉

  • Anonymous

    “Bikeway Concerns Expected to “Dominate” Supes Hearing on Better Market Street Today” is behind the Comical’s paywall.

  • Peter M

    One of the worst things about those intersections is that most of them require going through two crosswalks with two separate signal phases just to go straight through the intersection (And of course three if you want to get to the other side of the same street)