Caltrain Electrification and Changes in Mountain View

From Green Caltrain:

Caltrain electrification is moving ahead and is expected to be implemented by 2019. What does this mean for upcoming decisions, environmental sustainability, quality of life, housing and jobs in Mountain View?

Speakers and Panelists from Mountain View sustainability and neighborhood leaders, employers and developers, and Friends of Caltrain will help you understand the changes Caltrain electrification will bring and influence what’s next for Mountain View.

Topics for discussion include:

* Mountain View has ambitious plans to reduce driving to North Bayshore from 62% to 45%. Will Caltrain electrification help achieve this goal, and how?

* Service to San Antonio was cut when the Baby Bullet was introduced. Will we see more service in San Antonio? Or less service?

* The San Antonio area is seeing an influx of major new developments. Will people who live and work in the area use Caltrain? How can we keep growth from causing traffic gridlock?

* The intersection of Castro, Moffett and Central, where Caltrain, crosses at grade, has safety and traffic problems. How will electrification affect these problems? How soon will Mountain View need to grade-separate, and how can that be paid for?

* The Caltrain parking lots downtown fill up. How will increase service affect demand for parking? What can the city and Caltrain do to help people get to the train without driving?


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