Today’s Headlines

  • Muni Bus, Car End Up on Panhandle After Driver Makes Illegal U-Turn on Masonic (SFGateKTVU, CBS)
  • Photos, Video From Yesterday’s Street Unveiling at Fisherman’s Wharf (KTVU)
  • SFist Annoyed by Sidewalk Biking Enough to Start a Map About It
  • Beyond Chron Reviews Jeff Speck’s “Walkable City” in the Context of Better Market Street
  • More From Monday’s Better Market Street Hearing (Epoch Times)
  • BART Workers to Vote on Strike as Negotiations Heat Up (SF Examiner 1, 2; CBS)
  • Caltrain Starts Contest on Twitter for Best Lines to Dump Your Pump (SF Weekly)
  • Caltrain to Upgrade Its Train Signal System (SM Daily Journal)
  • KRON‘s Stanley Roberts Shadows Police Cracking Down on Drivers in San Mateo County
  • U.S. House Moves Forward With Bill That Would Slash CAHSR Funding (SacBeeThe HillAP)
  • San Jose Vigil Held for Shayla Cypriano, 23, Crushed by Truck on Her Bike Last Week (KTVU, Mercury)
  • New Carpool Lanes, A.K.A. Highway Widening, to Open on I-880 in South Bay (Mercury News)

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  • Sean Rea

    When will SFist start a map of speeding drivers, stop sign running drivers, texting drivers, etc? Is a little parity too much to ask for?

  • Anonymous

    or even just car crashes, you know, the thing that kills and injures almost 1000 people in SF a year…

  • RickGates

    Two wrongs don’t make a right, Sean. And in fact if you prefer an anti-car bias to your news, then this site has it in spades.

    But this is a serious issue too, so can we at least hear your ideas for fixing it?

  • mikesonn

    Peninsula drivers are aggressive towards peds in crosswalks. I deal with it on a daily basis here in Redwood City.

  • Sean Rea

    @141e84fb7e09b40a7e800199c687a7f7:disqus I’m not defending sidewalk-riders. They should know better. However they aren’t doing it to spite pedestrians. People ride on the sidewalk because our city planners didn’t design safe streets that account for non-automotive forms of transportation.

    The larger point is that once again the media (and this time the non-traditional type) is narrowly focusing on a type of violation that very rarely results in significant injury while paying almost no attention to the types that do. Again, not saying that people should ride on the sidewalk, but you can’t make a serious claim that it number of incidents that result from it come anywhere close to that caused by drivers.

  • mikesonn

    “anti-car bias”