Today’s Headlines

  • BART Strike, Day One (SF ExaminerSFGateMercury NewsCoCo Times, KTVU 1, 2)
  • Somehow, Bay Bridge Saw Less Traffic, Not More (SF Examiner)
  • BART Labor Negotiations on Hold (SF ExamSFGateKTVUAppeal), Can Willie Brown Help? (SFGate)
  • Oakland Tribune Slams the BART Unions; Phil Matier Weighs in On Municipal Union Politics (CBS)
  • AC Transit Union Calls Off Strike (ABC)
  • Transit Agencies in NYC, DC, Chicago, and Boston Prohibit Strikes — Should BART? (KTVU)
  • BART Strike Boosts Business for Ride-Sharing Services (CoCo TimesSF Appeal)
  • Strike Also Means Drivers Get Free Parking at BART Stations (511)
  • Installation of Muni Communications Upgrade Postponed During BART Strike (CBS)
  • SFO Providing Free Shuttle Bus Service from Millbrae Caltrain Station During BART Strike (KTVU)
  • San Francisco Wants 10 Percent of Profits and $20 Per Rental from FlightCar Startup (Boston Globe)
  • 11-Year-Old Girl Killed and Two People Seriously Injured in I-280 Crash (Mercury NewsThe Almanac)

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  • mikesonn

    RE: yesterday’s Clipper/Caltrain snafu, Clipper is currently “discussing” what to do. They could, you know, just refund us since we clearly purchased a monthly pass.

  • david vartanoff

    Yes, California should outlaw transit strikes–transit is every bit as necessary as police, fire, emergency services.

  • Outlawing strikes completely is antithetical to American values. Maybe instead we could consider having a scheduled “strike day” like you find in Europe?

  • Kevin

    I’m disappointed at the amount of articles Streetsblog is posting that are slandering BART employees for striking. At least have some articles on why the workers are doing this? First an article defending tech workers & their private shuttles, then slandering BART employees while they strike?

    Here’s an article that reports on the working conditions of the BART employees:

  • Fred

    They’re striking so they can get a pay increase, not for unfair labor practices or anything like that. I wish I could say I’m not working unless you pay me 20% more. Get real and get back to work.

  • Anonymous

    I think all public service unions should have a no strike rule, but also a forced arbitration when management and unions can’t agree. Public services strikes are too disruptive to the public — witness Greece paralyzed every year by various strikes. But public service employees would then need an additional tool to bargain with management, if the strike threat were removed. Perhaps people more versed in labor law could suggest some of those tools?

  • Not sure what you’re talking about. We posted what seems to be a pretty representative sampling of the plethora of media on strikes, most of which is not “slandering BART employees” nor cheering them. If you’re talking about the Oakland Tribune editorial, should we have simply omitted an editorial from a major Bay Area publication? I’m sorry we didn’t come across your AlterNet article, which basically writes off “the 400,000 people who ride BART each weekday had to find an alternative route to work.” But despite our role in transit advocacy — not labor advocacy, another cause — perhaps you’ve missed that we’ve been posting links to media like the BART union video for a while now anyway.

    Also, if you’re saying that my article “Ripping on Silicon Valley Shuttles Won’t Solve SF’s Parking-Induced Problems” was “defending tech workers & their private shuttles,” you must have missed the point: shuttles that reduce driving are taking the flack for a housing shortage exacerbated by parking requirements and the giveaway of curb space for private car storage. Surely, you can understand the need to focus attention on the root of a problem rather than misdirect anger at a group of people?

  • Richard Mlynarik

    Here’s an article that reports on the working conditions of the BART employees

    Outside the massive scams of the “public service” police and firefighter contracts, it’s hard to think of anybody doing less for more than BART employees at every level.

    Understandable tactics, understandable economic interest advocacy, all quite legitimate, no problem at all … but you’re seriously deluded if you think you can win public sympathy on this. Luckily, the public never matters at any level in the Bay Area “Transportation” Welfare System. So apply your efforts where they’ve always paid off: scratching the backs of local electeds, rather than on desperately hallucinating “slander” on blogs that none of them read.

  • Richard Mlynarik

    MTC’s Steve “$5 billion Bay Bridge overrun” Hemiger and his very special friends at Cubic “defense contracts R us” Inc express their profound remorse. Don’t forget to tap out!

  • Apparently you missed the part where Bart’s strike has had an opportunity cost of nearly $75 million. So much for your bogus argument that Bart employees are doing nothing.