Today’s Headlines

  • SPUR Joins KQED Forum at 9 a.m. to Discuss How to Prepare for the Next BART Shutdown
  • Driver Hits Pedestrian at Third and King Streets (SF Appeal)
  • Market Street Bike Counter Still Down After Road Re-Paving (SF Weekly)
  • Potrero View Covers the Proposal to Tear Down Highway 280
  • Sightseeing Bus Driver Arrested for DUI (KTVU)
  • Even With the Airtight Security of the Federal Building, Someone Manages to Steal a Bike (SF Weekly)
  • Redwood City Preparing for Bay Area Bike Share (SF Examiner)
  • Marin Supes Call for Cyclist Scofflaw Crackdown After Mountain Biking Boys Injure Equestrian (MIJ)
  • Larkspur Ferry Terminal to Get Shuttles, More Service, and Priced Parking (Marin IJ)
  • Zipcar Comes to San Rafael (Marin IJ)
  • Mountain View Allocates 22 Percent of Its Capital Budget to Bike/Ped Projects (Cyclelicious)
  • Santa Rosa Driver Who Chased Down Cyclist Sentenced to Five Years in Dementia Facility (PD)

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  • mikesonn

    How is there zero information on the driver hitting the pedestrian at 3rd/King? High speeds on both 3rd and King need to be addressed.

  • dat

    The “mountain bikers” who spooked the horses are said to be 10 and 12 years old. More like “kids” and not representatives of any community. That same day two kids in Novato ran through a crowd on a sidewalk and knocked down two elderly ladies causing one of them to break an arm yet I don’t see anyone demanding concessions from hiking/walking groups. The Marin IJ LOVES to fan the flames of any trail debate because it drives eyeballs to their website. Also, the Marin County Supe quoted is famously anti-cycling. Just a soap box for her to beat her drum. Le Sigh. Se actually wanted to charge people in Fairfax who came to ride bike an additional $10 parking fee because they have bikes.

  • Sean Rea

    It is also possible the horses weren’t well-trained and unused to being around mixed-use paths. Now, the kids should have stopped and helped, but what do you expect from a 10 and 12 year old.

  • Guest

    love that fancy bike counter

  • Dan Murray

    I took part in the Locust ride on June 30. For anyone unfamiliar these are ride / races that take part in Marin every year along fire roads, trails, and roads. They’re held on the up and up with the proper permits and coordinated with the MCBC. There was a big emphasis prior to the ride that everyone use proper trail etiquette especially in light of the recent incident with the above mentioned equestrians. At one point my buddy and I stopped and chatted with some horse riders. They were totally cool and appreciated our stopping for them to pass. I had a similarly positive interaction along Bobcat Fire road last with some equestrians. It’s too bad certain parties are really pushing for a ban on cyclists as opposed to working for a positive outcome. The next Locust is on July 28th

  • Not sure if you’re being snarky or not…They rushed the counter in to have it for BtWD and then ‘broke’ it when repaving the outside lanes. I’m sure they’ll be putting some induction loops back in here before too long. Until then there’s all the other induction loop counters scattered around town that don’t have the fancy insta-display.