Today’s Headlines

  • SFMTA Board Approves Castro Street Redesign (SF ExaminerBAR)
  • More on Yesterday’s SFBC Rally on Folsom (CBS, SFGate) and Harassment From SFPD (SFBG)
  • Athlete Arrested for March Ped Hit-and-Run at 2nd and Townsend That Took Man’s Sense of Smell (ABC)
  • SFPD Busts Highly-Visible Bicycle Chop Shop at 13th and Mission Streets (Uptown Almanac)
  • Monterey Blvd. Neighbors Pleased With Plan for Safeway-Funded Safety Improvements (FOMB)
  • SFMTA Ups Required Taxi Training (SF Exam), Reiskin Wants Tighter Ride-Share Regulations (SFGate)
  • SF Examiner Urges SF Government, Including Muni, to Catch Up With Emission Reduction Goals
  • Critical Mass Co-Founder Chris Carlsson Looks at “Street Fight” in Broader Political Context
  • A Wonderful Visit to SF: “Stupid Functional Transportation… Stupid Close Proximity” (SFist)
  • Menlo Park Postpones Vote on Expanding or Canceling Red-Light Camera Program (Almanac)
  • Working Group Losing Time to Come Up With Alternative for Greenbrae Interchange Expansion (MIJ)
  • Green Caltrain Wonders if Electrification Will be Affected by CA HSR Ruling Setback

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  • Jim Frank

    The Castro street design is going to be a disaster for buses (24 especially) on Castro. The MTA concluded that the bus would be slowed down by minutes just in these two blocks! That will destroy reliability for those lines.

    Its great that pedestrians will be able to enjoy those two blocks of Castro, but the merchants opposed any kind of parking loss. Castro needs wider sidewalks but it also needs good bus service and this project will slow those buses down to a crawl. What about removing some of the parking to mitigate the slow bus problem? With the Muni metro stop there, I bet most of the customers are not driving to shop there anyway.

    We need more leadership from Sup. Weiner on this one. He has done a great job of pushing for a better Muni and then he let’s this one go by?

  • Mario Tanev

    The most frustrating thing is that the objective seems to have been to preserve 100% of parking, without regard for transit. One of the proposals SFTRU made was to remove some parking spots to put some space between two pairs of cars to allow them to get in and out of parking spots faster without blocking traffic and transit. The only transportation mode to suffer from this change is transit.

  • SteveS

    It’s incredibly unambitious; these two blocks should really just be pedestrianized. They get more late night foot traffic than almost anywhere else in the city.

  • Anonymous

    Do you have a source for the increased travel time for the 24? From the meetings I went to, it wasn’t clear that was an impact of the change. What aspect of the redesign is going to cause the increased delay?

    I support this project but I do think there needs to be serious enforcement of double parking, on Castro and elsewhere in the city. Narrowing the travel lanes will not make double parking go away, it will just delay traffic more when it does occur. But that’s not a reason not to narrow the traffic lanes, it’s a reason to increase enforcement of the law.

  • Anonymous

    The 24 divisadero…

  • Anonymous

    pedestrianized + muni/delivery is possible (maybe not in SF) but theoretically at least.

  • Mary

    It is only theoretical since there are several driveways and garages in that stretch, including the theater carpark.

    Even the block of Duboce near Church that was closed to cars in one direction had to allow vehicles on the other side because there is one (maybe two, cannot recall exactly) on the other side.

    Then there are deliveries, emergency vehicles etc.

  • Anonymous

    many places have pedestrian zones that allow residents, delivery, transit, and emergency vehicles through. There are lot of ways to implement it as well.

    One way, and the Castro is wealthy enough to do it too, is with retractable bollards that can be activated by vehicles that need to get through.

  • Peter M

    There is actually an example of this in San Francisco, on Mendell between 3rd/Palou and Oakdale:

  • SteveS

    The 16th street mall in Denver also has a bus line that runs the length of it.

    And I’m sure the Castro Theatre would be more than happy to give up their tiny parking lot if the city would divide their lot and let them sell the land to build a new business there.