Bay Area Bike Share Stations Stocked and Ready for Launch Tomorrow

Market at 10th and Polk Streets, where the road striping was ## re-configured to set aside space## for the bike-share station. Photo: Bryan Goebel

This is it, folks: Bay Area Bike Share officially has a fleet in place for tomorrow’s launch. I know it’s tempting, but please refrain from trying to take the bikes out for a ride prematurely.

Here’s where you can catch the launch events with officials in four of the participating cities tomorrow morning:

  • San Francisco: 10:30 a.m. in front of 4th and King Caltrain Station
  • Palo Alto: 10 a.m. at University Ave. and Emerson Streets, in front of Palo Alto Bicycles
  • Mountain View: 10 a.m. in front of City Hall
  • San Jose: 10 a.m. in front of City Hall near the bike kiosks on Fourth Street
A station in front of SFMTA headquarters at Market and Van Ness. Photo: Bryan Goebel
Second Street at South Park. Photo: Tony Wessling
  • Anonymous

    wait, so can I not try to ride a bike today? Will it not let me take one out?

  • Anonymous

    The station at Market and Front has already been tagged.

  • timsmith

    People tag trees and rock formations in public parks in this town. What’s your point?

  • Joel

    Yes – the city has finally been begrimed!

  • Easy

    Wish I could use my Clipper card instead
    of this key tag, or vice-versa.

  • Anonymous

    Merely observing how soon after they were installed that they were defaced.

  • Tri

    I am super excited. I am taking a day off tomorrow to check out the ceremony. With the bike-shares, bicycling is one step closer to becoming mainstream.

  • Anonymous

    Great idea. I wonder if somebody is looking into using the Clipper card for bike share.

  • jbot

    anyone know what time tomorrow will you be able to use the bikes? 12:01am? 6am? not until the launch events are over?

  • Mark Dreger


  • Jesse

    It would probably take a decade and a billion dollars to get that accomplished.

  • Jesse

    Bullshit you were.

  • Bruce Halperin

    What, exactly, are you implying?

  • idkk

    Don’t think it would work, at least not without modification of Alta’s station design. I would require a reader at each bike dock or a single reader at the kiosk and issuing a key code.

  • Sean Rea

    Which one will you tag next?

  • Anonymous

    Bike share key activated – member #54 ready to go tomorrow!

  • Will

    So we’re going with BABS? Not as smooth as CaBi, Divvy, NiceRide, Bcycle, CitiBike, or Hubway

  • Trees and rocks, more bad ideas. All part of Agenda 21, no doubt.

  • Anonymous

    I may not be a bike fan, but I certainly don’t like seeing the public space get defaced by taggers.


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