Open Thread: Bay Area Bike Share Goes Live at Noon Today

Photo: Noah Berger, Bay Area Bike Share via ##

Are you planning to hop on Bay Area Bike Share when it goes live at noon today? Head to the comments section to share your expectations and observations. Do you find the bikes useful even with the limited size of the program? We want to hear about your experiences.

We’ll have a full report on the bike-share launch later today.

  • timsmith

    In the words of a rando near 7th and Market, “Nice alternative”.

  • Anonymous

    Palo Alto Medical Foundation. Though this too is a very simple walk from Caltrain.

  • Brian

    If you want to geek out of pod usage, download the app CycleFinder and you can watch the pods as they fill and empty throughout the day. So far looks like Ferry building is a leaving point for many, will need more bikes there. North Beach and Exploratorium docks are almost full = destination.

  • Anonymous

    I agree with many of the previous comments. There are far too few stations and the existing stations are too close together. It is really hard to ride anywhere interesting without incurring overage charges, or is that the point?

    I suppose if you take Caltrain in to San Francisco and you work downtown and you really really hate Muni and your company doesn’t have a free shuttle, now you have another option besides a 15 minute walk. Everyone else is going to have to really struggle to justify this system.

    Very disappointing that they are charging full price for a partial system. New York City’s system is 10 times as large and 100 times more useful and charges the same price.

  • NoeValleyJim

    The one across from my office at 5th and Mission was empty when I left the office. Looks like they are getting used already!

  • New system in Copenhagen allows people to reserve a bike at a dock AND a dock for their bike at the end of their journey.

    The technology and functionality in BABS was released before the first iPad and about the same time as the iPhone 3G…

  • Anonymous

    The station between Walmart and Target may not be in a pleasantly walkable location, but it’s located at a shopping destination and it’s also Mountain View’s #2 transit station serving a handful of bus lines plus Stanford’s Marguerite.

    Some people may choose to hop on a bike rather than wait for a slow VTA connection.

  • Anonymous

    Is it really true that the Rengstorff Park station has been eliminated? The station map shows that it exists, with bikes available and empty docks available. If I arrived there (for the first time) near the end of my 30 minutes and the station didn’t exist, I would be really annoyed.

  • Anonymous

    Also, I wouldn’t put too much faith in the exact locations they show on the map. The Walmart bike station will likely be somewhere in the San Antonio shopping center, but perhaps not right next to Walmart. Some of the existing map locations are not too accurate either (like 2 blocks away from the real location).

  • Koray Sahin

    Agreed, the deployment of the San Jose stations is sensible. It goes a long way toward solving the last mile problem at Diridon station which is otherwise cut off from downtown. Also it would appear to be geared toward populations of actual users (e.g. Caltrain riders, SJS students), and where they might want to go.

    And sorry for going off-topic, but:

    Yes, sprawl is an issue, but my problem with light rail is that it appears to be designed to avoid residential areas all together. The entire stretch between MV and Diridon is industrial, and south of Diridon it runs along an old freight rail ROW and through freeway medians. The Alum Rock line (completed 17 years after service began) looks decent.

  • semsk

    Citibank is also sponsoring the NYC system, hence the large rollout.

  • Koray Sahin

    It appears to be back on the map today. Go figure.

  • Anonymous

    Anyone use these bikes at night yet? Do the bikes have built-in street-legal lights and reflectors? Or do you need to bring your own?

  • Mark Dreger

    You’re good to go. They have really nice blinky dynamo (powered by the wheel’s turn) lights. They’re on whenever you ride and stay on for a few minutes when you stop, at a traffic light for instance.

  • Tony

    Had issues undocking a bike for my 24 hour rental. After entering the key code, I couldn’t pull out the bike. I guess your supposed to lift up while pulling out. After reaching my destination pod the green light didn’t come on. I had to call customer service for help.

    Otherwise, my bike rode pretty well. It was a comfortable ride. The step-thru frame made it easy to get on and off.

  • BT

    Saw the BABS maintenance guy going around on Labor Day. Nice to see them servicing the bikes on a holiday. Not so nice: parking his truck in the green bike lane on Embarcadero.


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