SF Board of Supervisors Meeting

Agenda [PDF]

Of note:

4. 130672 [Transportation Code – Disabled Parking Placard or License Plate Restrictions]
Sponsor: Chiu
Ordinance amending the Transportation Code, Division I, to prohibit, on any street, alley, or portion of a street or alley, or in any municipal or private parking facility, the parking of a vehicle displaying a disabled parking placard or special license plate, in order to obtain special parking privileges, that has been reported as lost, stolen, surrendered, canceled, revoked, expired, or issued to a person who has been reported as deceased for a period exceeding sixty days; is not being used to transport, and is not in the reasonable
proximity of, the person to whom the license plate or placard was issued or a person who is authorized to be transported in the vehicle displaying that placard or license plate; or is counterfeit, forged, altered, or mutilated.
Question: Shall this Ordinance be FINALLY PASSED?

14. 130866 [Revenue Bonds – Municipal Transportation Agency – Transportation Related Projects – Not to Exceed $165,000,000]
Sponsors: Mayor; Farrell
Resolution authorizing the sale, issuance, and execution of not to exceed $165,000,000 aggregate principal amount of revenue bonds by the Municipal Transportation Agency to finance certain transportation related projects, approving the form of certain financing
documents including the official statement, the bond purchase contract, the second supplement to indenture of trust, and continuing disclosure certificate; authorizing the taking of appropriate actions in connection therewith; and related matters approving the
forms of documents relating thereto; approving the maximum interest thereon; finding that the authorization and issuance of revenue bonds by the agency is not a project under California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), CEQA Guidelines, and Administrative Code, Chapter 31; and related matters.
(Fiscal Impact)
Question: Shall this Resolution be ADOPTED?

16. 130602 [Board Response – Civil Grand Jury Report – “Are the Wheels Moving Forward? A Follow-Up to the 2009-2010 Civil Grand Jury Report Sharing the Roadway: From Confrontation to Conversation”]
Resolution responding to the Presiding Judge of the Superior Court on the findings and recommendations contained in the 2012-2013 Civil Grand Jury Report entitled “Are the Wheels Moving Forward? A Follow-Up to the 2009-2010 Civil Grand Jury Report Sharing
the Roadway: From Confrontation to Conversation” and urging the Mayor to cause the implementation of accepted findings and recommendations through his/her department heads and through the development of the annual budget. (Government Audit and
Oversight Committee)
Question: Shall this Resolution be ADOPTED?


SFMTA Looks to Tackle Abuse of Handicap Parking Placards

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Assembly Passes Law Cracking Down on Disability Parking Permit Abuse

Confiscated counterfeit and altered placards. Photos: Matthew Roth The fines for illegal use of disability placards and for fabricating fraudulent placards could go as high as $1000 if Assemblymember Fiona Ma’s new bill passes the State Senate and is signed by Governor Schwartzenegger.  The bill, which passed in the Assembly near unanimously at 73-3 on […]
Image: City of Seattle

Moving Forward on Automatic Speed Enforcement Cameras

Last week, Assemblymember David Chiu, San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee, San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo, representatives from the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA), traffic injury victims, surviving family members, and others met at Zuckerberg San Francisco Hospital trauma center to announce the introduction of Assembly Bill 342, also known as the Safe Streets Act […]