Today’s Headlines

  • Scenes From Park(ing) Day (SFist, Mission Local); Gizmodo Writer Thinks it’s Time to Quit it
  • Wired Uses Tech Shuttle Traffic to Map Gentrification in SF
  • Is Bay Area Bike Share Off to a “Fast Start?” SF Examiner Says So
  • SFMTA Decides Not to Redevelop Kirkland Muni Yard (SocketSite); Wants Help Naming Plaza (SF Exam)
  • SFPD Officer Hospitalized in Car Crash After Reportedly Running Red Light While on Cell Phone (ABC)
  • One Killed in Crash on I-80 (ABC); Driver Runs After Solo Crash, Knocking Out Power in Bayview (ABC)
  • Oakland Police Seek Driver in Pedestrian Hit-and-Run on International Boulevard (CBS)
  • BART Union May Sue Agency for Training Managers to Operate Trains During Potential Strike (ABC)
  • Caltrain to Update Strategic Plan (GC); System Delayed After Crews Strike Gas Line in San Bruno (NBC)
  • Ridership Up 15 Percent on AC Transit’s Dumbarton Express Line After Service Increase (CBS)
  • SF Driver Hits Boy, 13, on Bike in Tam Valley Crosswalk Despite Crossing Guard’s Signal (MIJ, KTVU)
  • Locals Favor Muir Woods Proposal for Paid Parking Reservations, Not a New Parking Lot (Marin IJ)

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  • Anonymous

    The gizmodo guy discusses how it’s a bad idea to set up a mini-park next to cars going 50 MPH. But apparently has no problem with cars going 50 MPH in an urban area…

  • Meghan Arnold

    It’s a Gizmodo gal. Her twitter profile claims she’s a walker in LA. I’m not quite sure what her beef is.

  • Anonymous

    AB 1371 was signed into law

  • Anonymous

    Link? This was misreported before, so I want to make sure the details are correct this time around before I start spreading the word.

  • Anonymous
  • mikesonn
  • Hey, driving too fast is OK, it’s putting astroturf in a parking spot that is illegal. [citation needed]

  • Anonymous

    Awesome, thanks so much!

  • Anonymous

    Seemed to me she was arguing for us not to get sidelined by PARK(ing) day as an end in itself, but to continue being creative in developing unique strategies. She also made a good argument that there’s an odd tension between these actions, which are essentially civil disobedience, and the fact that in many places (including SF), the demands of these actions are already being implemented (like parklets).
    I’m all for everyone engaging in ways that resonate with them, but I find it refreshing to have someone take a devil’s advocate position once in a while to help us see what we might be missing.

  • Anonymous

    12-year old boy struck and killed by SUV while biking to school in Byron (east CoCo County):

    The update from the Battalion Chief states that the “vehicle” was “unaware” it had struck the boy.

  • mikesonn

    The worst drivers on the road are parents dropping kids off at school.