Today’s Headlines

  • SFCTA Presents Refined Underground Options for Bringing M-Ocean View to Parkmerced (SF Examiner)
  • City Officials Unveil Ped Push-Light, Bulb-Outs on Sloat and Forest View Drive (KTVU)
  • More on the SFBC’s Efforts to Encourage Wiggle Riders to Bike Politely (Haighteration)
  • BART Presents Plans for Another Strike (CoCo, SFGate, Exam); GOP Tries to Ban BART Strikes (ABC)
  • Mission Community Market Space Gets Temporary Stage, a “Twist on Parklets” (SFGate)
  • How Are Bay Area Cities Faring on Increasing Bicycling and Closing the Gender Gap? (Cyclelicious)
  • Scooters: How Viable of a Transportation Solution Are They in SF? (7×7)
  • More on Oakland’s Green Carpet-Like “Super Sharrows” on 40th Street (CA Economic Summit)
  • Brush Fire Causes Major Caltrain Delays in Burlingame (CBS)
  • Palo Alto Commission Regresses Its Parking Policies to Accommodate More Cars Downtown

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  • Anonymous

    In a letter Assm. Connie Conway, R-Tulare, said, “We call upon the
    governor to take swift action to ensure this labor dispute does not
    create a transportation nightmare.”

    There are no GOP legislators in any BART district. Why the sudden interest in Bay Area transportation nightmares from a Tulare County Republican? He could care less about BART – this is a way to thumb their nose at unions in general.

    The Bay Area delegation should hold sway on any legislation regarding BART.

  • Tim

    With exception to Mr Fang…

  • Mario Tanev

    He’s a BART board-member who’s actually pro-union, not a legislator.

  • Anonymous

    Palo Alto story is the Planning and Transportation commission, not yet Council. Yes, they are going in the wrong direction here. BUT until now Palo Alto’s parking reductions have not been accompanied by any accountability on the part of the developer/landlords to reduce driving in those buildings. The ideal that parking restriction is all you need to get mode shift hasn’t panned out. The good news is that Palo Alto is also moving forward toward more accountability and better support for trip reduction. But unfortunately they’re closing the exemptions first. Is anyone here from Palo Alto and willing to speak up in favor of making this temporary til the city has a way to hold developers accountable?

  • Anonymous

    Elderly pedestrian in crosswalk killed by truck driver in Downtown Oakland who was “blinded by the sun”:

  • timsmith

    Arguably PA has had great mode shift results, it’s just the few folks who do still drive obviously still eventually overwhelm the parking supply. That’s pretty forward though — price it. Hopefully some folks from PA will show up in support of your good work. That town really should be the model for the Peninsula.

  • Jamison Wieser

    You’ve got to love old media! The Examiner uses a lot of words and a stock photo, but not a single image or photo of the bridge/subway alternatives. Plus several comments about working from home, and at a much lower hourly rate than I charge.

  • Anonymous

    PA’s results are a matter of guesswork right now. A couple of weeks ago a City Council member asked the City Manager how many people work downtown. The City Manager answered “between 10,000 and 15,000”. They do not have the data right now. The secret to the success of good TDM programs is data. How many people are in the area, where do they come from, where do they go to, what are their options, what would help them change. Palo Alto is learning that they need the data and starting to collect it.

    Yes they should be the model. I strongly suspect the City Council’s preliminary goal of 30% nondrivealone mode share is too low. But they are starting to set goals and measure, which is a major step forward from where they were before, which was to restrict parking and hope.

  • The Overhead Wire

    Data is easy to find. Actually about 20,000

  • Anonymous

    so how did you select “downtown Palo Alto?”