Today’s Headlines

  • KTVU‘s In Memoriam for the Parking Spaces Lost to Housing, Bike Lanes, and Other Such Nonsense
  • One Injured, N-Judah Delayed After Train Hits Left-Turning Driver at King and Third (CBS)
  • More on the Buffered Bike Lane Coming to Folsom Street in SoMa (SF Examiner)
  • Planning Comm. to Consider Development With 27 Condos, 32 Parking Spaces on Larkin (Curbed)
  • Taxi Paratransit Assocation of CA Threatens to Sue Over Unfair Ride-Share App Regulations (Examiner)
  • More on the Future BART Upgrades Under Consideration (SFist); Little Progress in Labor Talks (ABC)
  • AC Transit Workers Reject Second Wage Proposal, Could Strike (KTVU, NBC)
  • New York MTA’s Nuria Fernandez to Head Valley Transportation Authority (CoCo Times)
  • TAM Approves $11.4 Million in Regional Tolls Funds to Connect SMART to Larkspur Ferry (Press Dem)
  • Fremont Police Seek Hit-and-Run Driver Who Hospitalized John Vigdal, 56, on His Bike (CBS, CoCo)
  • Menlo Park to Consider Banning Parking Spots in Bike Lane Near School (Almanac, Cyclelicious)
  • Q&A on the New 3-Foot Bicycle Passing Law With Mercury News‘ Mr. Roadshow

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  • Bing Wu

    KTVU showed the # of spots decreased from 602,000 to 442,000 in 6 years? The bulk of that “reduction” has got to be from counting methodology or counting off street spaces that have been turned into housing… no way we got that many new bike lanes and parklets

  • mikesonn

    That KTVU piece was a joke. Complete joke. That station is a joke. Is this high school journalism class?

  • 94103er

    We should pitch a new contest to–favorite reporters getting old-man-on-the-street quotes and whatnot.

    High up there for me was the interview in this KTVU clip: “There’s that parking lot down the street…[mournful face]…they told me by the end of the year they’re gonna start turning it into a park.” [Reporter nods sympathetically]

  • Seriously, David Stevenson blatantly stated that “San Francisco has lost 3,000 parking spaces.” This is the same reporter who documented his own harassment of people on bikes.

  • davistrain

    The possibility of strikes at both AC Transit and BART reminds me of a book I read many years ago: “War Against the Automobile”. It was written by a columnist who wrote for the “enthusiast” magazines like “Car & Driver” and published in the mid-1970s. One of the advantages of owner-operated motor vehicles that he cited was “never any concern about the drivers going on strike”. He also used the term “collective transportation” instead of “public transit” for buses and trains because, according to him, most of the “public” used their own vehicles. Granted, this was written almost 40 years ago, when gasoline was still less than $1.00 a gallon.

  • He does have a sort of point. My private bike never goes on strike. (Not counting flats 😉

  • Anonymous

    Unfortunately, they approved the condo project with 32 parking spaces and 27 units. You can thank MPNA for negotiating the extra “neighborhood spaces” even though parking is not a problem. But it’s much more convoluted than that.