Green Cities, Healthy Communities

From TransForm:

Since 1990, downtown Vancouver has grown its population by over 75%, yet 25% less cars enter downtown on a daily basis. The City now has the lowest carbon emissions in North America! What lessons can San Jose learn?

Join Sadhu Aufochs Johnston, the Deputy City Manager for the City of Vancouver, Canada and co-author of The Guide to Greening Cities (Island Press), for a conversation about Vancouver and other cities’ efforts to change how they build and operate their cities to make them greener and healthier places to live.


John Norquist: “Time to Talk About a Freeway-Free San Francisco”

San Francisco is considered one of the leading American cities in the growing movement to tear down freeways. Fortunately, San Franciscans got a head start by averting the freeway-riddled fate of most other American cities in the 20th century by successfully protesting the construction of most of the proposed structures, which would have torn apart […]

An Unfinished Freeway Revolt: Car-Free Vancouver Day

Banner at Car-Free Vancouver Day The organization fighting the massive freeway plan in Vancouver I’m just back from a fantastic five-day visit to Vancouver to help celebrate and publicly ponder Car-Free Vancouver Day. The event started six years ago along East Vancouver’s Commercial Drive (“the Drive” as it is often called there). It has grown […]

SPUR Talk: What About the Families?

How can San Francisco keep families from moving away? That was the central question of a panel discussion this afternoon hosted by the San Francisco Bay Area Planning and Urban Research Association (SPUR). The panel included Susan Exline of the San Francisco Planning Department, Daniel Parolek, architect with Opticos Design, and San Francisco’s District Seven […]