Today’s Headlines

  • SFPD: 12-Year-Old Child Injured in “Traffic Accident” at Third and Gilman in Bayview (CBS)
  • BART Strike, Dispute Continue (SFGate, Guardian, SFBG, ABC), ABC Looks at Past Strikes
  • Two BART Workers Killed by Train (SFGateAppeal), Operator May Have Been Training (SFGate)
  • Commuters Adapt to Strike (ML1, 2SFGate, CoCo, Oak N.); Tech Shuttle Riders Unaffected (ML)
  • Still No Political Support for a Ban on BART Strikes (SFGate, Business Times)
  • Two Injured, Traffic Signal Busted in Truck Crash at 15th and Castro (Haighteration)
  • Attorney: Driver Doesn’t Remember Car Crash That Killed Boy, 16, at Pine and Gough (SFGate)
  • West SoMa LGBT Advocates Fight for Funding for Ringold Alley Overhaul (Bay Area Reporter)
  • This is How Your New Muni Bus Traveled to SF (SF Weekly)
  • Presidio Trust Launches Pilot Shuttle From Bayview to Presidio National Park (BayView)
  • Stanley Roberts Spots Drivers Trying to Beat Traffic By Violating Carpool Lanes
  • Construction on CA HSR Begins As Central Valley Locals Protest Impacts (Mercury News)

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  • mikesonn

    That Mission Local blog post, *yawn*. Tech Shuttles barely duplicate BART routing, of course they don’t care. Where’s the story on monied Marin commuters who drive into SF? They don’t seem to care either! OMG!

  • Sean Rea

    I liked the part where the Facebook PR schlub went around advising all the peons not to talk.

  • mikesonn

    Yeah, made a story out of nothing, that’s for sure.

  • Anonymous

    The link on “Driver Doesn’t Remember Car Crash That Killed Boy, 16, at Pine and Gough” is incorrect.

  • mikesonn

    M&R do multi-part posts, it’s the 2nd part. Headline isn’t only thing included in their column.

  • tomsmits

    Yep, I must say, my very brief transit commute within the city does not make me envious of those with an hour-long shuttle commute, no matter how cushy the vehicle.

  • Yeah, you have to scroll down to “Crash Clues.”

  • Anonymous
  • Ted King

    What’s with Streetsblog and its ledes ?

    San Francisco’s Presidio is part of a National Recreation Area, the GGNRA. It’s not a National Park. None of the Presidios in the U.S. have that status.

    “List of areas in the United States National Park System” (Wikipedia article)
    NB – Includes parks, memorials, recreation areas, etc.

    Also, the CA HSR article is NOT “Mercury News”. It’s actually “AP on Mercury News”. I think there was a version of that dog’s breakfast on SFGate’s website. There’s also a link to a WaPo version on today’s headlines at Streetsblog’s Capitol Hill website. I commented there, at length, on that link. Bottom line : Yes, there will be negative impacts from HSR but let’s also note the positive impacts.

  • Someday, we hope to live up to Ted King’s headline-writing standards.

  • Ted King

    The trigger was two howlers (yours [21 Oct. ’13] and Katie’s [18 Oct. ’13]). That’s two working days in succession. My understanding of journalism follows the British / The Times (London, U.K.) model – that journalists strive for accuracy while informing their readers. I’m a techie who writes software and computers are very unforgiving of errors.

    P.S. My tendency would be to use “San Francisco’s Presidio” as part of a lede. A bare “Presidio” could imply a roughly two hour run down to Monterey.
    Presidio of Monterey (U.S.Army sub-site)

  • jimmy

    With the extra traffic this week, it is actually an hours-long shuttle commute.

  • timsmith

    Clearly not all British publications adhere to your standards vis-a-vis not calling it a national park:

    Given that it’s a capitalized headline, it’s ambiguous whether Aaron meant it as a proper title (i.e. “Presidio National Park”) or simply a less formal shorthand like the BBC article (i.e. “Presidio national park”). The Presidio is a park by any common definition of a park, and it is operated by the National Park Service, so it’s certainly national. So is it a “national park” if not a “National Park”? Sure — at least the BBC think so.

    That said, I’d probably go with “SF Presidio” in a headline.

  • Ted King

    When it’s uncapitalized the writer is being sloppy. Excusable on the grounds that it is a park under federal control (general case) and the Nat’l. Park Svc. in particular. (There are parks and rec. areas under Forest Svc. control). The bad side of that kind of sloppiness is that it could lead to errors (e.g. capitalizing the “n” and the “p”).

    My thanks to our host. Confirming the error led me to several interesting articles at Wikipedia. It’s kind of neat that parks have evolved from royal hunting reserves to rec. areas for the general public.

    Presidio (general definition and list)

    Park (definition, history, etc.)