Eyes on the Street: Bike Lane Becomes Golf Fan Parking at Lake Merced

Photos: Jan Peña

A buffered, post-separated bike lane on John Muir Drive along Lake Merced was commandeered for car parking this weekend for attendees of a golf tournament.

Staff from the “Champion’s Tour” Charles Schwab Cup Championship were directing drivers to treat the bike lane as an angled parking lane. Attendees and passersby using the bike lane for its intended purpose were apparently left with no other choice but to merge into 40 mph traffic or get off their bikes and cross over to the shared bike/pedestrian path.

Jan Peña sent in photos of the scene, which show a stretch of empty, legal parallel parking spaces on the other side of the street.

The tour’s website makes no mention of parking along John Muir and directs driving attendees to park at the Stonestown Galleria and take a free shuttle to the event.

More photos after the break.


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