Today’s Headlines

  • With More Muni Trains in Service, the Reliability Needle Shows Signs of Moving (SFGate)
  • You Can Now Get Text, E-mail Alerts for Delays On Your Muni Line (SFMTA)
  • Have You Ever Had a Muni Driver Who Got Lost? (Muni Diaries)
  • Traffic Studies, Surveys on Oakland’s Latham Square Favor a Car-Free Plaza (Oakland Local)
  • More on Bryan Goodwin, Man in Wheelchair Killed at Market and Octavia (Appeal, CB, UCB News 2006)
  • The Number of Golden Gate Bridge Drivers Cheating Tolls With No Plates is Growing — Fast (KTVU)
  • Permanent Bolt Fix on New Bay Bridge Span Running a Month Behind Schedule (CoCo Times)
  • Hour-Long BART Delay Possibly Due to Pedestrian Killed on Freeway in Walnut Creek (SF Appeal)
  • Assembly Committee to Grill BART Today on Worker Safety Practices After Deaths (CoCo Times, SFBG)
  • Some Nice Retorts to the Haters of San Jose’s Hedding Street Bike Lanes (Mercury Roadshow)
  • Drunk Driver Who Killed Couple in Menlo Park Goes to Court (SM Daily); Witness Sought (Almanac)
  • Vibrant Bay Area: To Help Keep Bay Area Rents Low, Take After DC and Develop Around Transit Hubs

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  • mikesonn

    Re: Vibrant Bay Area’s post. YES YES YES.

    Want lower housing prices in SF? The rest of the Bay Area needs to step up and fast. RWC is doing some nice things housing wise but all of it is about 20 years too late, but at least they are doing something. Palo Alto on the other hand is moving backwards – the parking crap, the “residentialists” crap. So frustrating.

  • Anonymous

    That article shifted how I think about development in the Bay Area. I live in SF because it’s walkable and I can get places I want to get (and get back home) with ease. If San Leandro or Bayfair BART stations, for instance, were in the middle of walkable, bikable neighborhoods, and if BART ran every 5-10 minutes, I think that’d take lots of pressure off the housing market in SF proper.

  • 94103er

    Absolutely! And are the towns on the Peninsula listening? By and large, no. Mountain View and RWC are doing a pretty good job, I guess.

    Palo Alto and Menlo Park, in the meantime, are doing a token amount of building and prices are simply insane there. And so is the traffic.

  • Anonymous

    Very good biographical article in the UCB News (among the articles above) about Briam Goodwin, the latest victim at Octavia & Market. It would be great if the Chron + Examiner would write stories of collision victims’ lives. It makes one understand the tremendous waste of individual lives lost because of poor infrastructure and high auto speeds. What did Stalin quip? “A single death is a tragedy; a million is a statistic.” Each story humanizes this tragedy we otherwise accept as just the way things are.

  • Did you catch the part that DC is in the middle of an economic and population boom, too?

    But absolutely yes. If the Peninsula wants to rot, that’s opportunity for Oakland, Fremont, San Leandro, El Cerrito, etc. Fremont especially needs to capitalize on their ACE/BART/Amtrak nexus and the correspondingly good connection to San Jose.

    DC has beaten this, and SF can, too.

  • Tony

    Union City is in the middle of doing this around their BART station. Too bad Dumbarton Rail is in limbo.