SF Planning Commission Meeting


Of note:

EVENT CENTER AND MIXED-USE DEVELOPMENT AT PIERS 30-32 AND SEAWALL LOT 330 – Blocks/Lots: Piers 30-32 – 9900/030 & 9900/032, Seawall Lot 330 – 3770/002 & 3771/002 –Informational Item, Updated Project Design, GSW Arena LLC (GSW) proposes to construct a multi-purpose event center, public open space, maritime uses, a parking facility and visitor-serving retail uses on Piers 30-32. The event center would host the Golden State Warriors NBA basketball team during the NBA season, as well as provide a year-round venue for a variety of other uses, including concerts, cultural events, family shows, conferences and conventions. The project would include substantial repair and structural upgrades to Piers 30-32. GSW also proposes to construct a mixed-use development including residential, hotel and retail uses on Seawall Lot 330, located directly across The Embarcadero from Piers 30-32.


SPUR: Let’s Not Miss the Boat on What America’s Cup Could Do For SF

Editor’s note: The following is being republished from SPUR, the San Francisco Planning and Urban Research Association. Visit their blog at SPUR.org. When it comes to global sporting events, almost as intense as the competition between star athletes is the competition between cities to play host. That’s because hosting a major international sporting event presents […]

Piers 30-32 CAC Transportation Subcommittee Meeting

Agenda Of note: The Subcommittee is focused on recommending a set of WTA strategies that address current transportation concerns related to the development of the proposed Golden State Warriors (GSW) project at Piers 30-32 and Seawall Lot 330. At the August 21, 2013 Transportation Subcommittee meeting, MTA provided an initial list of possible transportation strategies […]

SPUR Forum: Assessing Waterfront Transportation

From SPUR: The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency is leading a Waterfront Transportation Assessment to review and analyze proposed development and transportation projects over the next 25 years. The assessment study area extends from Green Street to 22nd Street and includes the three major development proposals at Piers 30-32 and Seawall Lot 330, Mission Rock/Seawall […]