Today’s Headlines

  • Two Downtown Hit-and-Runs: Driver Hits Ped in SoMa, Taxi Driver Hits Bicycle Rider (SFGate)
  • Motorcyclist Killed at Oak and Steiner ID’d as TV Host William Beckwith, 38 (SF Appeal)
  • BART Unions Sue Over Contract Dispute Involving Paid Family Leave (SFBGABC, NBC, KTVU)
  • More on North Beach, Chinatown’s Gripes About Lack of Subway Construction Moratorium (SFGate)
  • Senior Advocates Call for More Housing Density in Transit-Rich West Portal (SF Examiner)
  • SFSU Increases Shuttle Frequency, Shortening Waits for BART-Bound Students (Xpress)
  • Muni Ends Promotional Messages on Bus Marquee Displays (SF Appeal, NBC)
  • Private Parking Spot in South Beach Goes for $80K; Most On-Street Car Storage Still Free (Curbed)
  • Menlo Park the Latest City to Consider Anti-Harassment Law to Protect People on Bikes (Examiner)
  • Bicycle Rider Killed in San Jose is City’s 40th Traffic Death This Year (KTVUMercury News)
  • San Jose Holds Ribbon Cutting for Green Bike Lane on San Fernando Street This Morning (Cyclelicious)
  • Two-Year-Old Girl Pinned by Driver on Street in Half Moon Bay (CBS)

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  • jonobate

    The West Portal article is fairly surreal. It’s nice that Howard Strassner has had a change of heart, but it’s clear that his embrace of walkable development is only because he now realizes he’s not going to be able to drive very much longer. Did he not realize before now that not everyone else wants to or is able to live an autocentric lifestyle like he does?

    And then there’s this gem:

    “Yet plenty of Westside residents are skeptical of the regional trend to put more housing next to public transportation. They’ve seen Livermore and how so-called transit corridors are devoid of character.”

    What the hell does Livermore have to do with TOD?

  • NoeValleyJim

    The Taxi Driver will not be charged, SFPD will not be able to find any evidence and that worthless excuse for a DA, George Gascon, will not press charges in any case.

  • Prinzrob

    And there’s so much more about that quote that doesn’t make any sense. TODs are devoid of character compared to what, cookie-cutter suburban sprawl (…a la Livermore…)? And wouldn’t that be a design issue anyway and not something inherent to TODs?

    It sounds more like someone trying to justify the value of a particular type of development based on their personal preference. Which is kind of the essence of NIMBYism: “My values and needs are the only ones with any merit.” I’m also glad that Strassner finally came around on the idea. But only once it benefits him personally? Not so inspiring.

  • mikesonn

    You know what isn’t devoid of character to NIMBYs? Free parking garages.

  • timsmith

    Livermore, to be fair, has a nice little main street off the ACE line — which runs all of 4 round trips per day. It’s probably the least relevant comparison I’ve heard in a long while, though to be fair, West Portal Ave is quite dull today.

  • jonobate

    I quite like Livermore’s downtown, but it’s a traditional downtown anchored by a long established railroad, nothing like the sort of medium density mixed use development that might be built at West Portal. I can only think they were referring to some of the residential TOD near Dublin/Pleasanton BART, which is pretty homogenous and hideous.

    West Portal’s problem is lack of residential density, which results in very few eyes on the street at night. Replace a few of those one-story storefronts with 3/4/5 story apartments buildings, with ground floor retail, and the area will come to life.

  • Howard Strassner is a longtime activist with mainstream groups like the Sierra Club (Transportation Committee) and Rescue Muni. Perhaps a bit more reformist that a wide-eyed radical like myself, but he’s a good guy.

    I’m glad he’s seen the light about density. Too many people will just stick with what they know and never admit they might have been mistaken.