Today’s Headlines

  • Two Men Critically Injured by Hit-and-Run Drivers on Valencia (SFGate, Exam), Oak (Haighteration)
  • SFPD Cracks Down on Drivers Violating Folsom Bike Lane After Stanley Roberts Points Them Out
  • Portable Bike Corral the Latest Piece of Yerba Buena CBD’s Efforts to Enliven Streets (Business Times)
  • 54 Percent of City CarShare Vehicles Now Electric, Hybrids, or Plug-In Hybrids (SF Examiner)
  • Watch: Time-Lapse Video of Central Subway Tunneling
  • BART Considers Increasing Rush-Hour Fares (SFGate), Expanding Discounts to Teens (CoCo Times)
  • BART Tunnel Brake Incident Caused by Electrical Short (Appeal); CPUC Joining Investigation (CoCo)
  • San Jose Family, Friends Remember Teen Killed on Bike by Driver (NBC, KTVU)
  • Driver Pleads Not Guilty in Causing Colma Crash That Killed Three, Including His Girlfriend (SM Daily)
  • Study Sheds Light on Palo Alto Commuters’ Transportation Habits (Mercury News)
  • In East Palo Alto, Some Residents Wish it Was Easier to Drive Less (Peninsula Transport Alternatives)
  • CAHSRA Board to Seek Approval Again to Sell Bonds After Court Ruling (CBS)

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  • There are a couple of shots of Folsom green bike lanes in the Stanley Roberts piece, but the violations/enforcement he focuses on is actually on 8th Street. As shown in the video, the 19-Polk is one of the violators, which I’ve definitely seen.

  • jd_x

    Refreshing to see Stanley Roberts acknowledging and bring to attention the plight of cyclists in the city. And though I’m glad to see the cops actually doing some enforcement that actually increases safety, I’m discouraged by the SFPD’s response in this clip that it took a journalist to bring the issue to their attention. Oh come on! It happens on *every* non-separated bike lane (and even some separated ones … I regularly see cars in the separated Market St ones, for example) on every single day, over and over. If they weren’t actually biased against cyclists due to their windshield perspective, they would be out enforcing such basic laws on their own initiative.

    But again, I’ll take enforcement after it being brought to their attention over the crap that happened earlier this year after Amelia Le Moullac was killed and the SFPD, typified by Sgt Ernst, was completely hostile to cyclists.

  • jd_x

    The pedestrian hit on Valencia just died:

    Absolutely horrible. And they still haven’t found the culprit?

  • Morgan Fitzgibbons

    For the record, the misuse of the 8th street bike lane by car drivers is brought up every month in the Bicycle Advisory Committee by the D6 rep. Not entirely shocked that it failed to translate to enforcement until ol’ Sleeping Bear showed up with cameras.

  • Bruce Halperin

    Interesting article in the Wall Street Journal about why companies are choosing to relocate from suburbs to cities (spoiler alert, transit is a major reason):

  • 94103er

    Argh, stupid paywall :/

  • Bruce Halperin
  • jonobate

    I spotted Stanley Roberts out there with his camera yesterday (I work at that intersection), and saw maybe 8-10 motorcycling cops swarming the area, but didn’t put two and two together until I read Streetsblog this morning. Great stuff!

  • jonobate

    To be fair, it’s a pain for the bus to merge from the bike lane into the general traffic lane and back again every single block, which is what it has to do in order to stop at each stop. When it’s rush hour the bus driver is often faced with the choice of sitting in the bike lane waiting for the light to change so that traffic starts moving and he can get into the general vehicle lane – if someone is kind enough to let him in – or driving down the bike lane to the lights. Usually they pick the latter.

    A better design would be to have the bike lane against the curb, the parking lane between the bike lane and the general traffic lane, and a bus loading platform in the parking lane wherever there is a bus stop. Bus riders would cross the bike lane to get to the bus platform, wait for their bus on the platform, and the bus would stop next to the platform in the general traffic lane without having to merge into the bike lane. But you can’t really create that setup with just paint – a painted bus loading area would be very dangerous and unpleasant for waiting passengers.

    Here’s hoping the rebuild of Soma streets will come sooner rather than later.

  • coolbabybookworm

    Definitely pushing for it, especially now that we have more space on parts of Folsom and 8th to make those changes now. I will say i’ve had bus drivers bearing down on me on 8th wayyyy faster and closer than necessary. I understand the bus drivers not being able to merge back, but I don’t think they should treat it as an express lane with bike riders in the way.

  • Easy

    Here’s some Dutch photos and videos showing how to do this: