Today’s Headlines

  • Walk SF: SFFD is Hindering Safer Streets; Department Admits it Was “Misinformed” on Ped Safety
  • SFBG Asks Why the SFMTA Doesn’t Fine Private Shuttles for Using Muni Stops
  • Speeding Driver Critically Injured After Flipping Car on San Jose Avenue (SF Appeal)
  • More Coverage of the Push for Bike Funding (SFBG); New Photos of the Folsom Bike Lane (Bay Bikers)
  • SF Bicycle Coalition Named “Best Activist Group” of 2013 by BeyondChron
  • Oakland Woman Killed on Bike by Big Rig Driver After Being Dragged for Two Blocks (KTVU)
  • BART Delayed for an Hour by Woman on Tracks in Oakland (SF Appeal)
  • TransForm to SM County: Don’t Widen 101, Convert Existing Lanes to HOT Lanes (Green Caltrain)
  • Mercury News Roadshow Discusses Issues Around a VMT Tax in California
  • Hitting the Market: The Copenhagen Wheel — A Solution for Traversing SF Hills on Your Own Bike (CSM)

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  • shamelessly

    Is there a link for “Department Admits it Was “Misinformed” on Ped Safety”? The Examiner article on the SFFD doesn’t touch on this.

  • coolbabybookworm

    “the Fire Department continues to stall street improvements across The City. They cited false data that pedestrians are responsible for getting hit by drivers in 74 percent of crashes, though thankfully they clarified that they were misinformed.”

    Not sure when they clarified it, but that’s what the article says.

  • shamelessly

    Thanks. I missed that on the first read.

  • mikesonn

    Yes, exactly what San Mateo County needs is a wider 101. *slow clap*

  • aslevin

    San Mateo County is already studying widening 101. TransForm’s proposal is to re-purpose an existing lane instead and use the money to fund transit, carpool, vanpool instead. Their argument is that it would be possible for this to reduce traffic at 15% of the cost.

  • mikesonn

    Oh I know, this is the first I’m hearing of SMC’s study to widen though. I think TransForm’s proposal is better than widening but why isn’t CCAG studying how to get stable funding for Caltrain or working to make cycling safer or BRT on ECR?

  • aslevin

    I just learned there will be public meetings on the scope of the study in January, so a chance to ask to study the idea to repurpose a lane and use it more efficiently

  • aslevin

    I don’t know what if any organize advocacy has been done at the City/County Association of Governments, which is the congestion management authority for San Mateo County. I don’t know how many people even know how those bodies work. Traditionally “Congestion Management” has been to a significant extent about trying to fix bottlenecks by widening roads. San Francisco *just yesterday for the first time* adopted a policy to change its congestion management policy to be about moving people not cars.

  • zoehoster

    any chance you have a link on the change in SF’s policy?

  • voltairesmistress

    The bicyclist killed last night by a double trailer big rig driver was a woman in her 50s, with helmet, head light, rear flashing light, rotating wheel lights. Police can only speculate at this point that the trucker turned, hit and dragged her. What more could any person on a bike do to avoid dying? This is profoundly disturbing. This could have been any of us.

  • aslevin
  • 94103er

    Right, ‘cos remember kids, Google buses are ruining everything. Everyone else has the good sense to live near work. *facepalm*

  • mikesonn

    I’ve seen an increasing number of double trailer big rigs around downtown Redwood City. I know there is a lot of building is going on (finally Bay Area!), but their routes seem questionable and not to mention extremely dangerous.

  • jd_x

    Plus the drivers obviously aren’t trained to watch for cyclists.

  • jd_x

    Horrible. Another loss. I hope we at least get more information on what went wrong and if the truck driver was at fault for right-hooking her, is severely punished (which means jail time, loss of license, and loss of ever being able to drive commercially again).

    “The bicyclist killed last night by a double trailer big rig driver was a
    woman in her 50s, with helmet, head light, rear flashing light,
    rotating wheel lights … What more could any person on a
    bike do to avoid dying?”

    This is exactly why anybody who tries to turn any argument about bicycle safety on its head by talking about helmets, lights, etc. should automatically be dismissed. These people prevent us from addressing the actual safety problems — poor infrastructure and crappy motorist training — and distract the conversations with inane comments about bicyclists somehow being responsible for protecting themselves from vehicles that weight thousands of pounds more and hundreds of times more horsepower.

  • voltairesmistress

    Hey folks, check out that Copenhgen Wheel story above. So cool.

  • Andy Chow

    I am kind of skeptical about this. Repurposing a freeway lane isn’t like reducing lanes of a city street for bike lanes, etc. In this instance, you agree with the widening proponents that more capacity on the freeway is needed, but suggesting that your proposal would save money that they don’t need to save, at the same time creating a lot of uncertainties about congestion.

    A lot of people believe that once things are paid for they ought to be free and stay free. You can argue charging on a new lane because they support the construction of it. Ironically, market and pricing are of a more conservative ideas, yet at least on the road side, it is opposed by the tea-party folks.

    At best it is like arguing for BRT if the community is willing to support light rail. Unless there’s any fatal flaws on widening (which is not possible for like the Bay Bridge), repurposing lane use is a weak idea that probably won’t go very far.

  • voltairesmistress

    Andy, I don’t understand your reasoning on this. My spouse is currently commuting the 101nightmare. It is clear to both of us that the solution is not an additional lane but fewer vehicles. The only way to do that is to make Caltrain, company busses, van pools, and carpooling more viable. If we could just finish a complete, uninterrupted HOV lane system that would help tremendously and take care of the lower income drivers too. Adding a HOT lane also makes sense for those solo drivers willing to pay. But adding a lane for any solo driver any time of day? How does that solve anything now, much less for 2 years later? Traffic on 101 has jumped as the economy powers forward. It will be an impossible situation very soon. We need different solutions, not more undifferentiated lanes.

  • murphstahoe

    Widening US-101 in San Mateo County would be ridiculously expensive. The land taking alone would be ridiculous. I suspect that many of the overpasses would need to be rebuilt (this has happened for most of the overpasses in the Sonoma widening) and oops, that new bike/ped bridge in Belmont doesn’t clear the new wider lane configuration. The bike path along US-101 in San Carlos is on the other side of a jersey barrier from the roadway, with a creek on the other side. The path can’t be “removed” because there is no alternative, so the creek would need to be relocated.

    Widening at the airport – sheesh.

    And once it’s done, there is still the economic impact of all the housing and businesses lost to the land taking. Bye bye It’s It factory.

  • mikesonn

    “A lot of people believe that once things are paid for they ought to be free and stay free.”

    That doesn’t mean they are right. And once a road a built it doesn’t cease to need maintenance and upkeep costs. That’s an extremely weak argument.

  • Andy Chow

    Of course any wholesale widening of 101 will be expensive and I generally am not in favor of it, but I don’t think that converting one of the lanes to become a Caltrain revenue source is politically viable. In Santa Clara County, the HOV lanes on 101 are also quite congested and unless there an additional HOV lane, there won’t be enough room to sell to SOVers to generate revenue.

  • jonobate

    It would totally be politically viable. Mr Google Employee with a six figure salary, would you like to pay a few bucks and get to your meeting on time, or sit in traffic for another 10 minutes?

  • Ramsy Dion

    Never ever trust big rig drivers…when I bike and see one of those things getting close, I get off the road because those drivers do not really care when they’re in the moment of driving and in the “I am the king of the road/I own the road so get out of my way or I will kill you and pretend I didn’t know” zone. Fuck those big rig drivers, I know damn well they don’t give a crap about people, especially cyclist, when they’re in the arrogant moment of driving.