Today’s Headlines

  • Driver Hits, Seriously Injures Man at Hudson Avenue Near Rueul Court in Bayview (KTVU)
  • CA’s Archaic Minimum Car Insurance Law Leaves Ped Victims Like Jikiah Stevens With the Bill (Exam)
  • “Traffic” Author Tom Vanderbilt: We’ve Got a “Vehicle Code,” What About a “Human Code”? (NYT)
  • SF’s Taxi Drivers Are Fleeing to Ride-Share Apps (SFGate)
  • As Wiener Looks at Late Night Transit, Polk Survey Shows Folks Want More Muni Frequency (CB)
  • Stanley Roberts Catches People on Bikes Running Red Light at Market and Page, 12th Streets
  • Warriors Postpone Arena Plans; BART Director Wants Labor Negotiations Like Baseball’s (SFGate)
  • BART Shut Down After Ship Drops Anchor Near Transbay Tube (ABC)
  • Woman Killed by Caltrain in Redwood City (SFGate)
  • High-Occupancy Toll Lanes on 237, 880 Attracting Too Many Carpoolers to Allow Solo Drivers (Merc)
  • Sonoma Bike Path Along SMART Tracks Coming Too Slowly, Say Advocates (Press Democrat)
  • Marin Smart Growth Haters: Plan Bay Area Bill Could “Send Us Back to Dickensian London” (MIJ)

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  • Plan Bay Area Bill Could “Send Us Back to Dickensian London”

    Even as corrupt (and racist) as the redevelopment agencies were, I have yet to hear anyone present an alternative that doesn’t involve $10,000/month rents due to a lack of housing.

  • I noticed this in the 2/3/2014 BayviewPD report: “On January 31st at 2:00 pm, officers responded to a report of a suspect setting trees on fire inside the Bayview Park at Bayview Park Road and Key.
    They arrived to find a large amount of smoke coming from the top of the
    hill and spotted a subject who matched the suspect description walking
    from the scene. He was detained and investigated as the Fire Department
    fought to contain and extinguish the flames which had quickly spread.
    Witnesses reported seeing a male set the fire and positively identified
    the subject that the officers had detained as one and the same. Arson
    investigators responded and took over the investigation which resulted
    in the suspect being booked on arson charges at Bayview Station. (SFPD
    Case No. 140091779)”

    Were this a traffic-related incident, this looks exactly like the sort of thing that the SFPD ‘couldn’t cite because an officer didn’t witness it’, but has always been just fine to pursue when no drivers motor vehicles are involved.