Today’s Headlines

  • Transit Experts: Shuttle Operators Should Use Smaller Buses, Travel on Larger Streets (Mission Local)
  • Driver Hits Parked Car, Critically Injuring Woman at 26th and Clement in the Richmond (SF Weekly)
  • Tomorrow: SFMTA Presents TEP Proposals for 2, 28/L, 38L in the Richmond (Richmond SF)
  • Also Tomorrow in the Richmond: A Craft Beer Tour by Pedi Cab (Richmond SF)
  • Can Transpo Funding Keep Pace With Eastern Neighborhoods Development? (Potrero View)
  • Electric Scooter-Share Company Bringing Station to the Castro (Castro Biscuit)
  • Excavation on Transbay Transit Center Completed (SF Examiner)
  • Caltrans: Bay Bridge Leaks Nothing to Worry About (CoCo Times)
  • People Behaving Badly: Shutting Down I-280 in SF to Do Donuts on the Freeway
  • Silicon Valley Companies Could Put a Lot of Housing On Their Parking Lots (Planetizen)
  • Palo Alto Council Still Contemplates Garages When They Could Reduce Parking Demand (PA Online)
  • Suit Against Menlo Park Driver Who Hit Twins Cites No-Fault Crash in Driving Record (Almanac)

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  • MadlyBranning

    The article from Planetizen (and the page of images it links to) are worth checking out. I suppose the idea of building housing on the parking lots in Silicon Valley is just a thought experiment in a way, but most ideas start that way. Note that the images all assume an exactly equal number of apartments and employees. If even one third that amount were built, it would be transformative.

  • coolbabybookworm

    I agree, it’s always a good exercise to re-imagine street and parking lot space. I would like to note the recent podcast from streetsblog USA where Jan Gehl said that tall buildings are the lazy architects answer to density.

  • • I try to keep out of the Google Bus fray, but I’ll note that bus stops aren’t the only transportation infrastructure they use. Since there are few places to store something the size of a double-decker bus, they can frequently be found stopped and idling in bike lanes. Because hey, nobody else needs to use bike lanes for anything, do they?

    Smaller shuttles might defray this particular problem. More generally, respect would be even better.

    The wider problem, of course, is that the authorities don’t actually care whether bike lanes are obstructed. Everyone from Megabus to traffic parking enforcement (!) uses them with impunity.

  • mikesonn

    UCSF Mission Bay’s smaller shuttles seem to be right at home in bike lanes around 4th/King Caltrain. Not to mention the T-line serves (and was pretty much built to serve) the exact route those shuttles take.

  • Andy Chow

    Indeed that if they have all their housing on campus then these campuses won’t look like suburban campuses any more. It would be more inline with something like this:

  • 94103er

    Re the Stanley Roberts bit: You can bet your ass that would never happen on 101/80 in the city. Time to step up and take 280 down, guys.

  • greg


  • baidi