Today’s Headlines

  • Tonight: FDR Dems Club Hosts Ped Safety Forum With Supes Chiu and Kim, Sen. Leno, More (Weekly)
  • Coming Up: Sunday Streets, Walk to Work Day, Walk SF Events (SFGate)
  • “Street Fight” Author Jason Henderson: To Reduce Droughts, Bay Area Must Reduce Driving (SFBG)
  • SF Examiner: SFMTA Must Stop “Handshakes” in Deals Like Shuttle Stop Policies, Bus Purchases
  • Over 500 Bikes Registered in “SAFE Bikes” Anti-Theft Program (SFBG)
  • Reminder: Protected Bike Lanes Are Really Cheap Compared to Other Transport Infrastructure (SFBC)
  • Why Mandatory Bike Licensing and Taxing Wouldn’t Work (D10 Watch)
  • 20 Apartments, No Car Parking Planned for Parking Lot at Sutter and Jones (Curbed)
  • Rush-Hour BART Meltdown Caused by Police Search for Theft Suspect at 24th St. (M Local, SF Appeal)
  • BAAQMD Brings Back Regional Competition for Employers to Reduce Solo Car Commuting (SF Appeal)
  • Stanley Roberts Rails (Again) on AC Transit Drivers Not Making Full Stops at Railroad Crossing
  • More on the Vulnerable Road User Law Proposed in the State Assembly (Cyclelicious)

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