Today’s Headlines

  • SF Reverend: Taking the Bus to Church “Unrealistic” (Is Paying for Parking Realistic?) (SF Examiner)
  • SF Chronicle Mistakes Existing Transit-Only Lanes for “Heavily-Used Driving Lanes”
  • “Street Fight” Author Jason Henderson on Equity Issues at the National Bike Summit (SFBG)
  • For Some San Franciscans, Their Bicycle is a Reflection of Their Personality (Bold Italic)
  • SFSU Students Push for Discounted Student Muni Pass Deal With SFMTA (Foghorn)
  • App Tells Car Owners When Street Sweeping is Coming (SFGate); SF Mag: Is That Just Coddling?
  • Berkeley Considers Extending Parking Meter Hours to 8 P.M. (Business Times Hates it)
  • Alameda Ferry Service to SF to “Basically Double” (Alamedan)
  • Caltrain Delayed After Squirrel-Caused Power Outage Puts Dispatch Network on the Fritz (CBS)
  • TJPA/SFMTA Chair Tom Nolan: HSR Funds Crucial for Caltrain Electrification (SF Examiner)
  • A Bay Area Transit Map Drawn to Reflect Relative Commute Times (Atlantic Cities)
  • Mercury Roadshow Explains the CVC on Where Drivers May Enter a Bike Lane

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