SF Planning Commission Hearing


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Citywide, within the public right-of-way –Certification of the Final Environmental Impact Report. The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) and the San Francisco Office of the Controller have launched the Transit Effectiveness Project (TEP), a comprehensive review and analysis of existing travel patterns and service options to make Muni service more convenient, reliable and attractive to existing and potential customers.  The TEP is comprised of individual projects for the Muni System and includes transit service improvements, service-related capital projects, and transit travel time reduction proposals (TTRPs).  The TTRPs are designed to improve safety and service reliability, and to reduce travel time. The SFMTA has also developed a Service Policy Framework, which establishes transit service delivery objectives and identifies actions that will be taken to fulfill these objectives throughout the City.


“Muni TEP Approved”? Not So Fast

The Muni Transit Effectiveness Project took a major step forward on March 28, when the SFMTA Board of Directors approved plans for route changes and street upgrades aimed at streamlining transit service. Judging from the headlines on major media reports, the vote sounded like a green light for the entire TEP. However, the reports glossed over some […]

Mayor Lee Must Make SFMTA Act Quickly on TEP Implementation

San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee, in an interview with Streetsblog this week, pledged to make the Transit Effectiveness Project (TEP) implementation his number one Muni priority. That’ll be no easy task, however. More than three years after the SFMTA Board unanimously approved a plan to give Muni its first major revamp in 20 years, the […]

What’s Next for the TEP?

Can the TEP transform Muni, dramatically improving its reliability and on-time performance? Bashing Muni, an agency that has been historically underfunded, is a San Francisco pastime. Riders are used to break downs, delays and general unreliability. Could all that be about to change? After an arduous process of gathering ridership data, community input, and considering […]