Today’s Headlines

  • No, Traffic Congestion in SF Isn’t Getting Worse. It’s Getting Better (SFGate)
  • SFMTA Plans to Spend 2 Percent on Bicycling in Next Five Years, Even With Ballot Measures (SFBC)
  • Photographer Wants Cyclists in Effort to Capture SF’s “Evolution Into a More Bike-Friendly City” (SF Mag)
  • Caltrain Declares State of Emergency for SF’s Deteroriating Quint St Bridge (ABC)
  • Vice: SF is “the Worst Place Ever” Because Transit is a “Joke” and Drivers are Called “Eco-Terrorists”
  • NoPa’s Streets Getting Greener With More Sidewalk Gardens (Hoodline)
  • Smart Cars Flipped and Tipped by Vandals in the Mission, Bernal Heights, and Ingleside (ABC, KTVU)
  • Golden Gate Bridge Tolls Increased by $1 Yesterday (KTVU)
  • Caltrans Looks to Lure Birds From Old Bay Bridge Span; BART Labor Politics Heat Up Race (SFGate)
  • Can San Jose’s “BRT,” Mostly Without Bus Lanes, Make the Case for “Truly Rapid Transit”? (SPUR)
  • An Early Look at Livable Streets Champions and Foes in San Jose’s Upcoming Election (Cyclelicious)

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  • jd_x

    S.F. driver who killed teen girl gets 6 months

    This is unbelievable. We joke around here how the best to get away with murder is to drive a car and hit somebody and, as long as you don’t leave the scene or were not drunk, you’ll get off scot-free. But wow, this shows that *even* if you are drunk, you still barely get a slap on the wrist. Only 6 months in jail for killing somebody while driving drunk!? What a disgrace to our entire society. We are so addicted to our cars that we simply cannot make rational judgement anymore. For being drunk and killing somebody, this person should be banned from driving for life and have years, not months, in jail. How in the hell does not letting somebody use the tool they used to kill somebody not even come up? WTF?

    Oh, but he also got this:

    “In addition to the six months in jail, Brewer was sentence to six months in home detention, five years of probation, 300 hours of community service and a nine-month treatment program for people who have driven under the influence. He was ordered to pay the family more than $4,700 in restitution.”

    The slap in the face to all pedestrians continues. 6 months of at-home detention? Why not in jail? And only $4700 for killing somebody’s child?! I don’t even know how to vent my anger at a society that thinks this is justice.

    The slaughter by automobiles just continues and we simply don’t care because we are too addicted to them.

  • Guest

    Hi Aaron – Here is an article from yesterday’s Marin IJ:

    “Novato bicyclist injured in collision with vehicle”

    What is so frustrating about the article is the passive writing used:
    “The woman was riding downhill from the Stafford Lake area when she apparently struck the side of a westbound vehicle turning left into the Indian Valley Golf Club, said Novato fire Capt. Erich Mesenburg.”

    The bike did not simply and arbitrarily crash into the car…The driver of said car made a left turn into the path of the cyclist and caused serious injury!

    I hope the cyclist is okay, I haven’t heard an update yet.