Today’s Headlines

  • SFMTA Board Could Vote on Budget Tomorrow (SF Examiner)
  • Even Willie Brown Supports Sunday Parking Meters (SFGate); Mayor Lee: No Compromises (CBS, SFist)
  • SFPD Arrests Hit-and-Run Driver Who Killed Oi Tenug, 82, on Bayshore Blvd (CBSSF Examiner)
  • More on the SFMTA’s 24 Safety Projects: Howard and Sixth Upgrades Completed (SFBay)
  • With Bike-Share Coming, the East Bay Also Needs More Bike Lanes (SF Weekly)
  • Despite New Golden Gate Bridge Toll Hikes, GG Transit Fares are Still Rising Faster (Greater Marin)
  • SMART’s Larkspur Ferry Extension Moves Through MTC Committee Approvals (Marin IJ)
  • Menlo Park Council Looks to Weigh in on Caltrain Electrification EIR (Almanac)
  • CAHSRA Adopts New Business Plan With Revenue Projections Down 5 Percent (SM Daily Journal)
  • Santa Clara Driver Crashes Into House, Causing Evacuations Due to Gas Leak Threat (KRON)
  • Hayward Police Crack Down on Street Racing (NBC)

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  • Mario Tanev

    Lee, Reiskin, SFMTA and the media are pulling wool over our eyes on Sunday parking meters.

    The spin is that there is some debate, some options on the table, and that somehow this is all to get support for transportation funding measures, which would allow Muni to increase service. Another variant of that is that while Lee is not compromising, Reiskin is rebelling.

    But look at the budget prepared for vote tomorrow:

    WHEREAS, The SFMTA Board desires to eliminate enforcement of parking meters on Sundays between the hours of 12 pm and 6 pm including the four hour time limit for parking at a meter on Sundays effective July 1, 2014;

    While the new transportation funding and the increase in service are all conditional, there is NOTHING CONDITIONAL about relinquishing Sunday parking meters. Furthermore, there are NO OPTIONS in the budget. The resolution states that Sunday parking meters shall be eliminated, period. There is no mention of the more reasonable option to just scale down enforcement on Sundays, or increase education.

    It is very evident that someone is applying real pressure on the SFMTA and its board on this, and for the first time it seems nearly CERTAIN that Sunday meters will be relinquished.

    And then when the funding measures don’t pass, not only will there be no service increase, Muni will have to CUT SERVICE.

    This budget should be opposed, UNCONDITIONALLY. It’s a bad budget, made under a lot of political pressure on SFMTA leadership and staff. While the SFMTA board is appointed by the mayor, SFMTA staff is not. Ed Reiskin is accountable to the board, not the mayor, so it’s highly disturbing that SFMTA staff is presenting a proposal that is straight from the mayor’s office.

    Streetsblog should stop feeding us this red herring, too. It keeps us complacent, thinking that somehow thinking reasonable heads will prevail. But what’s going down tomorrow is complete betrayal of transit-first, SF businesses, shoppers and common sense. This will set a really bad precedent. SFMTA and progressive transportation policy will be severely damaged by this reversal. It will feed into the narrative that parking meters are somehow a failure that nobody wants and everyone will look back with fear towards more parking meters. This narrative was already played in SF a few years ago after Oakland reverse a meter raise, causing local politicians to cite it as an example. Now you will have other cities cite San Francisco as an example. Also people will cite the reversal on Sunday meters as a reason not to extend meters to evenings. In effect, if this comes to pass, rational parking policy will regress further back than before Sunday meters were even instituted.

  • Sean

    Sounds like nothing short of a legal challenge will stop Lee from killing the meters. Some stupid political consultant is running our city (Pak?).

  • twinpeaks_sf

    What’s especially frustrating about the Sunday Metering fiasco is that Berkeley and Walnut Creek (of all places) are moving forwarding with metering on Sunday and EVENINGS at the same time as SF is scaling its hours back.

    This makes no sense from either a parking policy or budgeting standpoint. Clearly Lee is itching for the votes of the Old Guard.

  • Kevin J

    I see a lot of mentions of funding measures, but the SFMTA has killed any chance I’ll vote to give them any more money to spend on free parking instead of Muni or northbound bike lanes on Polk.

    Until the SFMTA get’s there head’s out of there asses and recognizes those of use riding our bikes south to work also ride them back home in the northbound direction, I’m voting no.

    I don’t want to see another penny go to the SFMTA making drivers happy instead of Muni service and public safety. Let’s show the SFMTA that we don’t want our money wasted on parking by voting against everything until they start getting serious about their job.

  • It may be too late, but what’s the best way to communicate a pro-Sunday-meters voice? I tweeted a message to @mayoredlee but I don’t exactly have legions of followers ( The Livable Streets group had a post encouraging in-person attendance tomorrow (4/15/14, 1 p.m., City Hall, Room 400), but I can’t make that. Do emails to just go into a black hole? Looking for some suggestions here, even if change is unlikely.

  • timsmith

    Email the mayor ( and the SFMTA board ( Everyone should do this, and attend the meeting if possible.

  • Andrew Samuelsen

    Planned Larkspur connection to ferry is pretty poor. It makes people walk 1,000 yards on a pedestrian bridge to get to the ferry. The reason is Larkspur is blocking the rail crossing Sir Francis Drake Blvd. This station needs to be done correctly, and that means it needs to provide a seamless connection between the rail and ferry. The rail needs to open its doors within 50 yards of the ferry boarding. There is plenty of room, but would need to remove some parking spots. This is a critical part of the project that impacts the effectiveness of the entire system.