Today’s Headlines

  • SFMTA: Without Meters, Parking Enforcement Will Focus Elsewhere on Sundays (KTVU)
  • SFBC: Tell City Leaders You Want Cars Off the Marina Bike/Ped Path
  • Driver Hit by L-Taraval Train on 15th Ave, Backing Up Line (SFist)
  • Bayview Woman Arrested for Driving Into Security Guard Pleads Not Guilty (SF Examiner)
  • Typos in SF’s Imprinted Street Names “Humanize the City” (SFGate)
  • SFPD, Sup. Breed Promise Parking Crackdown for 4/20 (SFGate)
  • BART Fined $210,000 for Death of Two Workers on Tracks (SF Appeal, KQED)
  • Over 60 Merchants Sign on to Support Silicon Valley’s “Bike to Shop” Day (Peninsula Transpo)
  • Mixed-Use Caltrain-Oriented Development in San Mateo Moving Ahead (SF Examiner)
  • Palo Alto, Menlo Park Object to MTC’s Elimination of Loan for Dumbarton Rail (Mercury News)
  • State Appeals Court Denies CAHSRA’s Petition, Clearing Way for Trial Over Lawsuits (Fresno Bee)

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  • Guest

    The quote for the L train vs driver backing up is a misquote. the source, Superbeefy on reddit has admitted to assuming that the car backed into the train and said he did NOT witness the accident.

  • JB

    Since 4/20 is on Sunday this year, there should not be any cars along JFK. Although in my experience, those portable barricades do not stop people from driving through. (Some people go through the opening for buses.)

  • The “Mixed-Use Caltrain-Oriented Development in Menlo Park Moving Ahead” link should be “Mixed-Use Caltrain-Oriented Development in SAN MATEO Moving Ahead”, FYI

  • aslevin

    Meeting out of town relatives in the city at an art museum on Sunday. So glad that we’re going somewhere near BART and I don’t need to think about parking in the city on Sunday.

  • Upright Biker

    Re: Marina Path Parking: The solution to this is so simple, that it’s even an issue boggles the mind. Make a curb cut, add parking. Remove parking from path, add bikes and peds.

  • Anony

    Additionally, I was in the area this morning. There is a easter sunday festival setup that takes up 3/4th of Sharon Meadows, but hippie hill itself is still going to be a free for all. It will significantly reduce the amount of smokers in the park unless they tear down the fence line that is setup.

  • Ah, that’s right, hadn’t thought of that! That’s good news.

    Indeed, I once watched a driver get out and move the barricade on the east end of JFK to drive in. I went in front of his car and explained that it was closed. He then said he understood but wanted to turn around to exit, so I moved to let him. He lied, and proceeded to drive through JFK anyway.

  • JB

    From what I can find, the event will be on Saturday, so the fencing may be removed by Sunday

  • Jamison Wieser

    Do you mean the Sister’s Easter Party in Hellman Hollow?